Who Is Hareem Shah Husband Get Details Here!

Hareem Khan Husband: Hareem is a prominent Pakistani social media influencer who gained a huge following through her TikTok videos. Her popularity has grown exponentially over the years, making her a household name within Pakistan . In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look Hareem Shaikh’s husband, his age, TikTok and Instagram as well as VK.

Who’s Hareem Shah’s Husband?

Hareem’s husband is Bilal Shah from Lahore. He is a successful businessman. Bilal Shah is a proud husband who has shown his love for his wife . In an interview with local media, he stated that Hareem is a reward from my parents’ prayers. He was grateful to have her for his wife.

Hareem Shah Age :

Hareem was born in Karachi (Pakistan) on December 28, 1991. She turned 31 in 2023. She graduated from Karachi University and then moved to Islamabad in order to pursue her career as a social media professional. Hareem has maintained her popularity despite facing criticisms and controversies.

Hareem Shah TikTok :

Hareem Shah rose in fame thanks to her TikTok videos. In these videos, she would lip-sync along to popular songs or dialogues. Her confident, bold personality has won her an enormous following. She currently has more than 7 million followers on TikTok . She has been featured in many Pakistani dramas and music videos.

Hareem Shah Instagram :

Hareem Shah’s account on Instagram is another place where she has a significant following. Her Instagram handle is @hareem.shah_official_account, and she currently has over 2 million followers. She frequently posts videos and pictures of herself, which showcase her daily life and fashion choices . Her Instagram page reflects her lavish and glamorous lifestyle.

Hareem Shah VK :

Hareem is also active on VK. VK has become a very popular social media platform in Russia. Her VK handle, @haremshahofficial has more than 17,000 followers. She frequently shares her TikTok videos on VK to cater to her Russian fan base.


  • What is Hareem’s VK handle?

Hareem Shah’s VK username is @haremshahofficial. She has more than 17,000 followers. She frequently shares her TikTok videos, and photos on VK, to appeal to her Russian fanbase.

  • Is Hareem Shah married?

Yes Hareem Shah married Bilal Shah from Lahore, a wealthy businessman.

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