Who is Harlem Eubank Who is Harlem Eubank Dad?

People are trying to find Harlem Eubank. This article will provide all the details and news about Harlem Eubank.

Harlem Eubank is?

Harlem Eubank, super lightweight boxer, was born February 23, 1993 in Brighton. He is the cousin of Chris Eubank Jr. Harlem began professional boxing on May 27, 2017 and has since amassed an impeccable record of 17 wins, no losses and 6 knockout victories. He is #3 in the super lightweight boxing division, out of 107. Harlem Eubank’s aggressive style and quick hands are what make him stand out. His technical skills as well as his ability to adapt to various opponents has earned him praise. He also expressed a desire for a fight for a global title in the near future. Harlem Eubank enjoys boxing and also has experience in personal training. Harlem Eubank will be taking on Miguel Antin at York Hall this Saturday. Chris Eubank Jr. has expressed admiration for his cousin’s fighting skills and described him as a smooth fighter with excellent foot movement, speed, all-round abilities and good foot control. Chris believes Harlem can learn and improve despite his inexperience. Chris recommends his fights.

Harlem Ebank Dad?

Simon Eubank is the father Harlem Eubank. Apart from that, we don’t have any information about him. His brother Chirs Eubank Sr has more popularity than him and may have wanted some privacy. From 1984 to 1992, he was also a professional boxer. And he participated in super welter, with 27 bouts that lasted approximately 151 rounds. We don’t know any more about him.

Does Harlem Eubank have a relationship with Chris Eubank?

Yes, Harlem Eubank Jr. is related to Chris Eubank Jr. Harlem Eubank Jr. is Harlem Eubank’s first cousin. Simon Eubank Jr. (Chris Eubank Sr.) and Chris Eubank Sr. (Simon Eubank Sr.) are brothers. This makes Chris Eubank Sr. Harlem Eubank Sr. Harlem Eubank is an English professional fighter who has won 10 of his fights and had three knockouts. He is Chris Eubank Jr.’s first cousin, while Simon Eubank Sr. was Simon’s brother. Simon was also a pro boxer between 1984 and 1992. Harlem has won 22 out of 33 amateur bouts, and he has followed the example of his talented family. Chris Jr. has expressed admiration for Harlem’s fighting abilities, stating that he’s an all-around fighter with great foot movement and speed. Chris Eubank Sr. was a two time world champion boxer and one of Britain’s greatest ever fighters. Eubank has spoken out about his grief over the loss of Sebastian. He plans to fight Conor Benn 2021, who was to be fighting his relative Chris Eubank Jr. Harlem Eubank explained that the Eubanks have been through a lot in the last two years. This includes Conor Benn’s failure to pass a drug test prior to his fight with Chris Eubank Jr., as well as Chris Eubank Jr’s defeat by Liam Smith. Harlem, Sebastian, and their mutual love for martial arts and plant-based diets, as well as alternative lifestyles, made them bond over their physical well being.

How many sons has Chris Eubank got?

Chris Eubank, his first wife Karren Stephen Martin, has three children. His sons Chris Jr., and Sebastian, are both professional boxers. Chris Jr. is 32 and has held many boxing titles. He is considered one of world’s top middleweight boxers. Sebastian died tragically in July 2021 just two years after becoming a dad. Emily, Chris’ 28-year-old daughter, is famous for sharing Instagram photos showing her extravagant lifestyle. Frank Smith is her CEO at Matchroom Boxing. She is currently in a romantic relationship with Emily. He also had a son named Nathanael Wilson and a wife called Cynthia Wilson. Nathanael and Chris Jr. are half-brothers. They have very different upbringings. Wilson, who is not related to his father, attended a Chris Jr. public workout to offer his support. Eubank Sr, who always stands by his son in fights, reached out to Wilson and asked if they thought they were “cool”. Wilson’s mother Cynthia Wilson had only been with Eubank Jr for six months before she fell pregnant with Nathanael. Eubank Sr initially refused any involvement with Wilson, but after a paternity testing was done, he accepted an out-of court settlement for maintenance costs. The two were reconciled in February after Wilson agreed that he would play Eubank Sr. Wilson was playing Michael Watson in a film about him, who sustained severe brain injuries during a fight with Eubank Sr.

Harlem Eubank Age

Harlem Ebank, who was born Feb 23, 1993, is now thirty years old. In a match to be broadcasted by Channel 5, Eubank will take on Christian Uruzquieta and his unbeaten 16-0 record. Harlem Eubank (the nephew of Chris Eubank who was a world super-middleweight champion), is keen to make himself a star and let go of the negative expectations that are associated with his name. He started his career in football, but then he discovered his passion for boxing. Eubank is determined to succeed in boxing like his uncle and cousin. Conor Benn failed a drug screening and his fight scheduled with Eubank Jr was postponed. He is now open to the possibility of fighting him. Benn, who has since surrendered his British Boxing Board of Control License, may face Eubank in Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia on June 3.

Harlem Eubank Networth

Harlem Eubank started his career in 2017, but we don’t know his net worth as we are unable to find them. Sebastian Eubank died in 2021, but Harlem Eubank has continued his cousin’s charitable work under the name Sebastian Eubank Charitable Foundation. Sebastian Eubank started the foundation in 2018 to help Sudanese children orphanages. We can see that they have the economic capacity to run the foundation. However, Harlem Eubank doesn’t have the net worth.

Harlem Eubank Biography

Harlem Eubank works as a professional fighter. Eubank has won 16 professional fights undefeated and hopes to face some of the most prominent 140-pound boxers by 2023. Find out more about his life story.

NameHarlem Eubank
Place of BirthBrighton, Sussex (UK)
NationalityUnited Kingdom
Height5’8″ / 173cm
Martial StatusUnmarried
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