Who Is James Kennedys Girlfriend Checkout!

James Kennedy’s Girlfriend James Kennedy is a musician and star of The Vanderpump Rules Season 10 It is a curiosity of his fans to find out Who Is James Kennedy’s Girlfriend. The article will tell you more about James Kennedy Ally Lewber’s relationship timeline, Who Is James Kennedy’s Girlfriend and More.

Who’s James Kennedy’s Girlfriend?

James Kennedy, Vanderpump Rules Season 10’s star, is a musician. He is a popular musician and has also made his television debut with a few Tv programs. Through his social media, he recently shared his girlfriend with the world. His Instagram photos show that he seems to be in a relationship with his girlfriend. His fans want to know more about his girlfriend. This article provides all the details.

Ally Lewber, James Kennedy’s girlfriend, is Ally Lewber. James Kennedy will soon have a new girlfriend. Kennedy and Ally Lewber first spoke in January 2022, a few weeks after the news about Kennedy and Leviss’ divorce. Kennedy revealed on Kent’s podcast Give Them Lala that the couple met for the first time at a concert for Tom Sandoval’s Vanderpump Rules cover band, The Most Extras.

Who Is Ally Lewber

According to her LinkedIn profile Ally Lewber will turn 27 in January 2023. She graduated from Belmont University with an entertainment industry studies degree. Lewber had previous experience working in reality television. At the age of 18, she starred on The Valley in Dayton, Ohio. It followed six high-school grads as their plans for college.

Lewber has a website, where she offers astrology services like reading birth charts. According to her website Lewber describes herself as a “spiritual model, astrologer and entertainment industry worker who lives in Los Angeles.” She has been fascinated by the stars since childhood and now finds a passionate love for the cosmos as she continues to explore the intricate workings. According to her website, Ninah Davis is her mentor and she is learning Hellenistic Astrology with Chris Brennan.

James Kennedy Ally Lewber’s Relationship Timeline

James Kennedy and Ally Lewber have been together for a while. Below is the relationship timeline as it appears according to resources from usmagazine. It’s worth a look.

January 2022

The couple began to date, but they were not aware of it and it was not made public.

February 2022

Kennedy stated to the entrepreneur behind ‘Give It Lala Beauty’ that he was “taking his time” to get to know Lewber.

March 2022

Kennedy posted a slideshow of their amazing vacation to Instagram, with photos from Tulum, Mexico. “People spread the love!” The good vibes and the love! It is too short.

April 2022

In April 2022, Kennedy and the woman went to Coachella together. Kennedy shared a picture of Kennedy snuggling beneath the desert sky on Instagram, along with the caption: “This was my fave pic from night one.”

July 2022

The U.K. native only spoke out about his relationship to Us. He stated, “We’re really and honestly great friends and it is going the distance.” “I’ve always been true as who I am. If I didn’t believe that it was going anywhere, I wouldn’t leap into something. But I don’t really give anything in this life a deadline. As with age, time is relative. It really doesn’t matter.

August 2022

The couple was out on a date in Venice Beach and were enjoying some ice cream. They shared these adorable photos via their social media pages.

February 2023

Ally Lewber spoke glowingly about Kennedy’s love, before the series 10 opener. He’s the romantic. It is harder for me to express my feelings of affection for you,” she explained. “I love him, but he wears my emotions more than me. He knows.

What’s the Deal with Raquel Leviss & James Kennedy?

Raquel Leviss was a former contestant in the pageant. Kennedy, an aspiring singer, had been engaged before but their relationship lasted only six month. The couple first met at a New Year’s Eve party in 2016, and faced numerous challenges until they were engaged in March 2021. Kennedy and Leviss announced the end of their relationship just two months following their Vanderpump Rules proposal.

Raquel said that she spent this summer “mentally prepping” to be near James. “I saw him in SUR for the very first time so I was working. So, I tried to focus on my tables and not worry about him.

Raquel and James had been together for five-years, but they decided to end the relationship in December 2021. This was just seven months after their engagement. Raquel relied on VPR friends Ariana Madix and Scheana Shay, while James started seeing Ally Lewber.

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