Who Is Janelle Monae Dating Get Some Facts About Her!

JanelleMonae Dating JanelleMonae is an American Actress and artist who has starred in movies such as Hidden Figures, Antebellum and others. People were interested in finding out Who is Janelle Monae Dating. To learn about Janelle’s dating history and who she is dating, please read the whole article.

Janelle monae, who is she?

Janelle Monae is an American musician, actress, and model. She was born in Kansas City, Kansas on December 01st, 1985. She is currently signed by Atlantic Records, Wondaland Arts Society and her own imprint. Janet Summers, a janitor, and Michael Robinson Summers were their parents. Monae’s first studio album, The ArchAndroid was released in 2010. It was followed by “We Are Young” from Fun. This led to their first appearance on US Top 10 in the Billboard Hot 100 chart. To date, Monae has received six Grammy Award nominations. Monae has also been recognized for her exceptional acting ability in a variety of films, including Moonlight (2016) and Hidden Figures (2016). Her talents in selecting important roles are evident in Harriet (2019). They were also the leads in Antebellum (2020), a horror film.

JanelleMonae Dating?

Janelle Monae is multi-talented and well-known for her single “I Like That” or her appearance in the movie “Hidden Figures”. The artist, who is nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns she/her, is at the moment unattached. Rumours circulated that they had been romantically involved in the past with Tessa Thompson (from the movie Creed). Janelle has teased a new single “Float” on social media, since December 2022. Despite past relationships, she is now single and not in a relationship.

Janelle’s Boyfriend Janelle Monae?

Janelle Monae, a talented actress and singer of 37 years, is a pansexual icon. She came out in 2018 as pansexual. Janelle revealed in April 2022 that she is nonbinary. Janelle is well-known for producing some of the best hits in music, such as “I Like That”, and “Pynk”. Janelle is famous for her past relationships. Janelle had ex-boyfriends. Now, Janelle has no boyfriend.

Janelle Monae Dating History

Janelle Monae’s relationship with her husband has been an ongoing topic of interest over the years. She has kept it somewhat a mystery. Although Moonlight star Janelle Monae isn’t currently in a committed relationship, there is still much curiosity about her past romantic relationships. Read on to find out more about Janelle’s past relationships.

Janelle Monoe and Tessa Thompson

Janelle Monae was linked to Tessa Thompson. Tessa appeared in Men in Black 4 in one her most talked-about relationships. Their alleged romance was first reported in 2018 when Tessa Thompson appeared in Janelle’s music video, “Make Me Feel.” Tessa Thompson spoke out about her possible romance with Janelle Monae in June 2018. Tessa acknowledged that they had to find a way to balance privacy and using their public platforms. Tessa acknowledged her love for Janelle, and shared their close bond. Tessa shared that Janelle and her have a deep connection. Tessa stated that, despite speculations about their relationship being a possibility, she is not bothered.

Janelle Monet with Nate Wonder

Janelle has been linked with Tessa and there are rumors of a romance between them. However, Janelle has also collaborated musically alongside musician Nate Wonder. There have also been reports that they may be dating. Page Six published a story in April 2021 stating that they were seen getting cozy aboard a Cabo-based boat. Janelle was wearing black swimsuit and black sunglasses during the outing. She also wore a headscarf. Janelle and Nate were spotted cuddling in public. However, they have never officially confirmed their relationship.

Janelle, Lewis Hamilton

Janelle is also linked to Lewis Hamilton (a British racecar driver). They made headlines when Lewis’ ex-partner and Janelle were denied entry into the Stella McCartney fashion show. Rumours of Janelle and Lewis starting to circulate soon afterward. Janelle posted a picture of Lewis and Suki Waterhouse to Twitter in October 2015.

Janelle Monae Relationship Status

Janelle Monae is a well-known celebrity for keeping her private about her personal life. But, she has offered some insight into her sexuality. Monae, in an interview with RollingStone in 2018, revealed that she is a pansexual. She said that although she used to identify as bisexual at first, she came to understand that pansexuality was the best way to describe her sexual orientation.

Janelle Monae is not currently involved in any relationship and is not married, contrary to rumors.

Janelle said in an interview that love is more important than sexual orientation. Janelle posted the hashtag IAmNonBinary onto social media in January 2020. It sparked curiosity among her fans. Janelle stated that the intention of the post was to spread awareness about the non-binary group in a conversation with TheCut.

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