Who is Kitchie Nadal Know All Update About Her!

Kitchie Nadal is a singer and actress. This lady’s singing career reached an incredible height in the 2000s. She is currently not in the spotlight.

Who are Kitchie Nadal and

Kitchie Nadal is a Filipino singer-songwriter who was born on September 16, 1980. She was previously known as the leader vocalist for Mojofly, an alternative rock band. Her debut solo album, “Huwag Na Huwag Mong Sasabihin”, was a huge success. It made an impressive debut at number 4, and it continued to climb with increasing sales. PARI certified the album as 7xPlatinum, meaning that it sold a total number of 214 800 physical CD albums. Kitchie Nadal has been involved in various musical projects throughout the course of her career. For Warner Philippines’ Christmas album The Warner Music Philippines All-Stars Christmas Collection, she performed the Carpenters’ song “Merry Christmas Darling”.

Kitchie Nadal: What happened?

Kitchie Nadal has been out of the spotlight because of her marital life. Kitchie Nadal was married to Carlos Lopez on February 26th 2015. According to The Filipino Times Carlos Lopez, a Spanish journalist, is currently living in Spain with Kitchie Nadal. We don’t know anything about the origin of their love story, or any details about their relationship.

Carlos Lopez’s Instagram is private and he seems to prefer not to be seen by the media. His bio describes him as a traveler who is traveling for work. He has a connection to Spain and Southeast Asia. He is currently in East Africa.

The couple fell in love, despite being from different professions. It isn’t clear how they met. It is possible they met through mutual friends. They will likely share more details about their lives together and their marriage in the near future. They share a strong bond, regardless.

Nadal’s version of “Iniibig Kita”, the song that was featured in ABS-CBN’s inaugural tele-epiko Rounin, was included. ABS-CBN selected her 2008 to revive Rivermaya’s hit song “Himala”, as the theme song of the soap opera Habang May Buhay.

Kitchie Nadal is now where?

Kitchie Nadal rose to fame in 2000s for her hit songs “Bulong”, Huwag Na Huwag Mong Sasabihin, and “Same Ground.” She is currently stationed in Spain, where she lives with Carlos Lopez (a Spanish journalist).

The couple celebrated their autumn-themed marriage at Hacienda Isabella, Tagaytay in 2015. Kitchie has remained a homemaker ever since. She still loves singing and performs when she travels to the Philippines. It is clear that her passion for music runs deep in her veins.

In 2005, she teamed up 26 other Filipino artists for the album Tayo Tayo Rin Sa (2015) – Sing the Songs. Find your voice. Change the World. It’s Your Choice, released in the Philippines by the United Nations to support the United Nations Millennium Campaign.

Nadal released Love Letter in March 2008. It featured 17 tracks that were completely original. Her single, “Highway”, was popularized on radio and featured in a Caltex commercial. Nadal was an endorser of the multinational gas company Caltex.

Kitchie Nadal Son

Kitchie was blessed by the birth of Keon in 2017, which added to her life. The singer shared the happy news of her son’s arrival with her fans and followed by posting an Instagram photo of the cute newborn. She expressed her sincere hope that Keon would be able to embody the Hawaiian meaning of his name which means “God Is Gracious” Keon is now a five year old and often appears on his mom’s Instagram. It’s clear how much she loves and adores her son.

Kitchie Nadal loves her family beyond measure. She often posts photos of her husband and children to showcase their close-knit relationship. Despite her husband being a frequent traveler due to his work, the singer is still a loving and committed wife and mother. Kitchie’s motherly love shines through in her posts and interviews where she often discusses the joys of being a parent. Her fans admire her for her music, but also her caring and nurturing spirit.

Kitchie Nadal Instagram

Kitchie Nadal has an active Instagram account @kitchienadal80.3k people follow her. Instagram is where she posts every moment. She’s enjoying life with her daughter and her husband. Many of her posts are about her marital life, and her fans are keen to hear about it. The best medium to connect with celebrities is Instagram. Many celebrities have an Instagram account and many of their fans know the lives of their favorite celebrities. Instagram celebrities can also be common men.

Kitchie Nadal Height

Kitchie Nadal stands at 5 feet 4 inches (162.5 cm), according to some sources. Some people consider height an important factor, especially if they are involved in acting, modeling, or other sports. But, height isn’t the only thing that can determine one’s talent or success in their field. Kitchie Nadal’s height is not a factor in her success but her talent for music and passion have made her a highly-respected musician in the Philippines. With her powerful voice and sincere lyrics, she has inspired many aspiring musicians. Her talent and passion for music are what really matters. She is a well-respected and loved artist in the Philippines.

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