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Mason Greenwood’s Girlfriend Mason Will John Greenwood, a professional English footballer. He was 17 years old when he emerged from United youth academy in September 2019. Many are trying to find Mason Greenwood’s girlfriend. This article will provide information about Mason Greenwood’s girlfriend and details about their relationship.

Who’s Mason Greenwood,?

Mason Will John Greenwood plays for Manchester United in the Premier League as a forward. After being a member of United’s youth team, he was 17 years old and 353 days when he broke the club’s record for the youngest European soccer scorer. He scored against Astana in a UEFA Europa League match. He made his international senior debut in September 2020 against Iceland in a UEFA Nations League match.

Greenwood started his love for football as a child. At the age of six, he joined Manchester United and began playing at the club’s Halifax school. He progressed steadily through the academy ranks to join the Under-18 squad for 2017-18 season. There, he was the top scorer in the U18 Premier League North with 17 goals in 21 matches. He was awarded the Player’s Trophy for the Youth side winning the ICGT Trophy, a prestigious international tournament for youth football, in May 2018.

Greenwood was taken into custody on suspicion that he had committed serious offenses. The allegations were based on verbal threats and physical injury. In the end, he was not allowed to train or play with his club nor the national team. He was arrested in October 2022 for attempted misconduct, bodily hurt, and coercive conduct. In February 2023, however, all charges were dropped against him.

Who’s Mason Greenwood’s Girlfriend?

Harriet Robson, Mason Greenwood’s Girlfiend, is Harriet Robson. Harriet Robson has a large following on different social media platforms and is a well-known supermodel. With renowned brands like Boohoo and 11 Degrees Women, she has had great success in her modeling career.

Harriet Robson and Mason Greenwood are both from Wisbey near Bradford. They’ve known each other since their time at Ashton on Mersey School.

Harriet Robson is not available for details, but it is possible that she may have been around 20 years old. Mason Greenwood, her high school sweetheart, and Harriet Robson, started dating during high school. Harriet Robson’s siblings and parents are not listed on her social media accounts. It leaves much of her childhood unknown.

Despite her lack of information Harriet Robson has a huge fanbase that eagerly follows her every move via social media.

Harriet Robson And Mason Greenwood Relationship

According to reports in England, Mason Greenwood, rising star at Manchester United, and Harriet Robson were reported to have split up during the COVID-19 lockdown. Harriet, who had been with Mason Greenwood for just over a decade, confirmed the news via her social media accounts.

Harriet shared photos to support the charge. The footballer was later charged with assaulting Harriet. Their relationship was interesting even though the couple are no more together.

Mason Greenwood is Harriet Robson’s former boyfriend. It’s interesting that Mason seems to live a full life, despite being a Manchester United player.

Fans wondered if their love would survive when the news about Mason Greenwood’s marriage to Harriet Robson was first reported. Many people were left wondering why the couple broke up after a year. Mason Greenwood refutes rumors that infidelity played a part.

Harriet Robson And Mason Greenwood Still Together?

Although Mason Greenwood is facing charges, Harriet Robson, his girlfriend, are believed to still be together. According to rumors, they may have been together for months. Robson could be freed from the charges. Greenwood was taken into custody for violating bail conditions. Greenwood was also charged with attempted assault, assault to cause actual bodily harm, controlling and coercive behaviors, and other charges. Initially remanded to custody until November 21, 20,22, he was then granted bail on the 19th of October 2022. He was required to not contact any witnesses and that he reside in Bowdon. Greenwood was released on bail on October 19, 2022. However, he was not allowed to contact any witnesses, including the complainant, and was required to live in Bowdon.

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