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Are you curious about who Nicole Scherzinger is dating? Find out more about her current man and the latest dating rumors.

Who was Nicole Scherzinger before she became a star?

Nicole Scherzinger has a wide range of talents. She is an American singer, songwriter. actress and TV personality. She was best known as the lead female singer of Pussycats Dolls – one of America’s most popular girl groups.

Scherzinger was born in Honolulu Hawaii and began her entertainment career at 14 years old, focusing on musical theatre and acting. She dropped out of college in order to pursue her music career. She began touring with the American band Days of the New and then found moderate success with Eden’s Crush, created by The WB’s Popstars.

Scherzinger began a successful solo music career after leaving the Pussycats Dolls. She released Killer Love, in 2011, and Big Fat Lie, in 2014. Both albums featured hits like “Poison,” Right There,” and Don’t Hold Your Breath.” Scherzinger is also a television star, having appeared in shows such as Dancing with the Stars (UK and US), The Sing-Off (US and UK), and Australia’s Got Talent. She has also been in many productions such as the Disney animated film Moana and Dirty Dancing.

Scherzinger sold 16 million records alone and was nominated for Grammys and Laurence Olivier Awards. In addition, Scherzinger has been involved in several fashion ventures. She is also an ambassador of the Special Olympics as well as a supporter UNICEF UK. She is also planning a tour with the Pussycats Dolls in 2020 and she’s a panelist for the popular television program, The Masked Singer.

Who Does Nicole Scherzinger date?

Nicole Scherzinger was seen out with her friends following rumors that she and Thom Evans were no longer together. Page Six has exclusively reported that Nicole Scherzinger and Thom Evans went to dinner at Hudson House, Beverly Hills, on Thursday 16th of February 2023. The outlet was told by an eyewitness that the couple were in love, constantly gazing at each other and having a great time.

Scherzinger’s and Evans’ outing is less than two weeks since they denied a report claiming that their three-year long relationship was over. The couple replied to the rumors through their Instagram Stories. They wrote “Wow, this is news to [eyes] us” and “What’s a joke [crying laughter emoji]”.

Scherzinger met Evans on The X Factor Celebrity and they began dating late 2019. Scherzinger served as a Judge on the show while Evans was a member of the boy band Try Star. They have been sharing glimpses of each other’s relationship on social networks since their January 2020 red carpet debut. The couple even shared pictures from their Valentine’s Day getaway at Calamigos Guest Ranch in Malibu.

Is Nicole Scherzinger Dating?

Nicole Scherzinger still dates Thom Evans, according to the latest reports and sightings. On February 16th 2023, despite rumors that the couple had broken up, they were spotted having dinner with friends at Hudson House Beverly Hills.

A source said they were “absolutely smitten” with each and constantly looked into the other’s eyes. Scherzinger said it was “a joke” on her Instagram Story, and Evans agreed.

The couple started dating in late 2019, after meeting at The X Factor: Celebrity. Scherzinger, a judge on the show, was a contestant with Try Star and Evans a boy band member. The couple made their red-carpet debut in January of 2020, and they have been together since then. Social media is a great place to share romantic moments and travels. They recently documented their Valentine’s Day trip at Calamigos Guest Ranch in Malibu. Scherzinger is still enjoying her relationship with Evans.

How old Is Nicole Scherzinger?

Humans are described by their age. In social media, many people want to know how old the people they like are. Nicole Scherzinger, born in Honolulu on June 29th, 1978, is 44 as of 2023. Nicole Prascovia Elikolani Valiente comes from Honolulu. Rosemary Elikolani Frederick was Native Hawaiian, while her father Alfonso Valiente had Filipino roots. Nicole’s father abandoned the family when Nicole was two years of age, and left her mother to raise Nicole, Keala and their younger sister. Rosemary Scherzinger married Gary Scherzinger who was a German-American and adopted Nicole.

Nicole moved with her family to Louisville, Kentucky at the age of six. Her stepfather worked as a welder and her mother was a secretary. Scherzinger’s family worked hard despite their financial difficulties to provide for them. Scherzinger took on several jobs to help support her parents. She worked as a model and waitress in the local area, while also being part of a troupe that performed at an amusement park.

Scherzinger grew up in a conservative environment, was raised Roman Catholic and considers herself to be a person with “really deep religious beliefs.” She would often go to church twice weekly to make proud her mother. Scherzinger grew up in a family of financial hardships, with a grandfather who was ordained as a pastor.

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