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Who is Peter Weber of “The Bachelor”?

Peter Christian Weber Jr. is an American television personality who also serves as an airline pilot. He was third on season 15 of The Bachelorette. Later, he starred in season 24. Weber also works as a United Airlines pilot. Weber was a Baylor University student, but he decided to become a pilot rather than finish his studies. After starting his aviation career in 2015, he was a commercial pilot at Compass Airlines. He continued to work there for three more years until he became a Delta Air Lines pilot. Weber joined United Airlines as a pilot in May 2021 after leaving Delta Air Lines.

Peter Weber’s girlfriend?

Kelley Flanagan (Peter Weber) and Kelley Flanagan (both of whom appeared on season 24 on The Bachelor), attended the premiere film Plane’s premiere on January 10, as a couple. They seemed in great spirits as they made their way along the New York City red carpet.

Peter, better known as Pilot Pete, wore an elegant blue suit, while Kelley wore sparkling champagne-colored dresses. The couple made this public appearance after rekindling their relationship that had been rocky.

Their story began before Peter appeared on The Bachelor. They met in a hotel lobby shortly before filming started. They appeared on The Bachelor together, but they didn’t leave the show as a couple. They began dating officially in April 2020, after the show was over. The couple broke up in December 2018, which led to a public feud and heated arguments between them.

Despite their past conflicts, Peter and Kelley have reconciled a few month ago. A source from Bachelor Nation says that their relationship is moving slowly and under less pressure. In October 2022 Peter uploaded a photo of Kelley and himself at a game of baseball on Instagram. This confirmed their reunion.

They seem to be on the right track now, as they both walked out together for Plane’s premiere, looking happy and in love.

Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan’s relationship timeline

Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan have had a turbulent relationship. It has seen its fair share ups as well as downs. The two met for the first time before Peter’s season. However, they eventually found their way back together. Let’s take an in-depth look at their relationship timeline.

Preshow Meeting

  • Kelley and Peter first met in the lobby of a hotel before he began filming The Bachelor. Their brief conversation was short, but they didn’t stay in touch.

The Bachelor

  • Kelley was a surprise to fans when she appeared during Peter’s Bachelor Season. Despite the pre-show meeting, Kelley did not get much screentime during the season. She was eliminated in week 7.


  • Peter and Kelley met again after The Bachelor was over. They were both living in Chicago in March 2020. They were spotted together many times, including a trip to the Riverwalk as well as a group exercise.
  • Peter and Kelley declared their love on social media in April 2020. They posted a TikTok clip together, sparking rumors that they were actually dating.


  • Peter and Kelley split in December 2020. Both parties posted Instagram posts confirming their split.

Public Feud

  • Their split was not peaceful. The two became involved in a public feud via social media. The drama started when Peter was spotted on The Bachelor with another contestant. This led Kelley not to follow him on social media. Peter responded to the drama by posting an Instagram post, in which he criticized Kelley’s actions. He also accused her of ending their relationship. Kelley then posted her side of the story to social media, explaining that Peter had ended their relationship.


  • Despite their public feud, Peter & Kelley finally reconciled in 2021. The pair were spotted together in New York City and rumors started to circulate that they were back together.
  • E! received a report in September 2022 from a source. News that Peter had reunited with Kelley a few months earlier and was taking things slowly this time. In October 2022, Peter posted a photo of the couple at a New York Yankees baseball game. This made their relationship official.

Premiere Appearance

  • Peter and Kelley made their public debut as a married couple for the first time since they reconciled at the premier of “Plane” in January 2023. They were happy and in love when they walked down red carpet together.
  • While their relationship with Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan has been full of drama, they seem to have found their way back together. Their relationship has been exciting and fans will no doubt be watching their future together.

Who is Kelley Flanagan of “The Bachelor?”

There is always one standout contestant on every season of The Bachelor. Kelley Flanagan is that person this time. But it is worth noting that Kelley Flanagan is a Chicagoan and has an advantage over all the other women. Kelley is a beautiful woman who is also a lawyer and senior consultant in tax at her father’s Chicago law office. According to her profile she is a modern woman who doesn’t rely on a man for care. She is ambitious and seeking a partner who will support her in her quest for success.

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