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Who is Pradeep Sandwan? Learn more about Pradeep, the rising star of the cricketing world.

Pradeep Sangwan Age

Pradeep, Sangwan was born in India on 5 November 1990. The 33-year-old cricketer is best known for representing Delhi at first class cricket. Sangwan is best known as a medium-pace left-arm bowler. Sangwan’s cricketing career began in 2005, when he joined the Delhi U-15 Team.

In the same season, he was a noteworthy contributor by taking 31 scalps in six matches. He also showed his batting ability by scoring 63 run in a 150-run partnership for the last wicket at the final match played in Kolkata.

Pradeep Sangwan Net Worth

Pradeep Singwan, a famous cricketer, has achieved considerable fame and wealth throughout his long career. Sangwan, a cricketer of great skill and contribution to the game, has been able to become one the wealthiest people in the sport. His net worth has been estimated at $5million, which is testament to his success on and off the cricket field.

Sangwan is a man who has dedicated himself to his sport. The talent and the hard work he put in have paid off handsomely. His impressive performances in both domestic and international cricket have propelled him to the top of the sport. Sangwan, who has amassed a significant amount of wealth through sponsorships, endorsements and income from the various cricket leagues around the world, is amongst the most wealthy cricketers worldwide.

Sangwan’s popularity goes beyond his financial achievements. He has an impressive fan base that is respected by cricket lovers around the world. His exceptional skills have won him fans around the world and made him a well-known figure in the community of cricketers. Pradeep’s journey is an example for young cricketers of the rewards to be had with talent, commitment, and success.

Pradeep Sangwan Parents

The information regarding Pradeep’s parents are scarce. Pradeep was born on 5 November 1990 in Bhiwani (a city located in Haryana state, India). He is a cricketer from India who plays for Delhi. Sangwan excels as both a fast-medium left-arm bowler as well as a righthanded batsman. Sangwan spent his early years in Delhi. It was a crucial time in his life.

Pradeep has become a well-known figure in Indian cricket. He is particularly notable in the first class format. His bowling ability and skillful technique make him a formidable batsman. Sangwan’s versatility is also demonstrated by his ability to bat with the right hand, a technique that he has used to add to his team scores.

Sangwan’s journey, which began in Delhi’s cricketing capital, has been marked with dedication and hardwork. Sangwan’s performances have earned him recognition and attention, which has enabled him to represent Delhi as well as leave a lasting mark in domestic cricket. Pradeep’s prowess as a cricketer continues to inspire future cricketers.

Pradeep Sangwan Height

Indian cricketer Pradeep sangwan stands at a height of impressive 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 m). This tall stature gives him a huge advantage in the cricket field. He can generate more speed and bounce when he delivers his balls.

Sangwan’s height allows him to get extra bounce out of the pitch. This makes him a tough bowler for the opposing batsmen. Sangwan’s towering stature adds an intimidating factor to his bowling. His accuracy and movement often trouble batsmen.

Sangwan, who stands at 6 feet and 1 inch tall, has an advantage both in his batting and bowling. He can have a better reach, and a more controlled shot.

His height gives him a powerful presence at the crease and allows him to dominate the attack with the bat. Pradeep’s height has a huge impact on his ability to perform well in cricket.

Pradeep Singwan Stats

Career Averages

The following is a brief overview of the Overview2440.51013263/375/7922.003.2340.800

By Season

Season 20071211.015311/151/5353.004.8166.000
Season 2007/081229.597953/375/7915.802.6435.800
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