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Who’s Samina Ahmed?

Samina Ahmed is a well-known name in Pakistani entertainment. She has been successful in many areas, including stage performance, producing, directing and acting. In Pakistan, she is a well-known name over her five-decade long career. Ahmad’s television work includes numerous hit series such as Waris (1979), Aahat(91) and Family Front (1997), which has contributed to her reputation as a veteran actress.

In recent years, Ahmad has also been a regular in comedy series such as Kis Ki Aayegi Baraat (1909-2012) or Suno Chanda (2018). Ahmad’s contributions to the entertainment industry were widely recognized and she was awarded in 2011 the prestigious Pride of Performance Award by the Government of Pakistan. Ahmad has faced many milestones throughout her career. These include the divorce of Fareed Ahmed, her first husband, in 1993, as well as her marriage to Manzar Sehbai, an actor in 2020. Despite all these difficulties, Ahmad is still an important presence in the entertainment sector. She was born in 1965 and is proud to be the mother of two children.

Samina A Ahmad Husband

Manzar Sehbai is a well-respected Pakistani actor. He is known for his extraordinary performances in films and serials. This has had a major impact on Lollywood. Sehbai’s 2011 debut film, “Bol”, was a critically-acclaimed film directed by Shoaib Mannsoor. Sehbai was recognized for his talent as an actor through prestigious awards, such as the Lux Style Awards (SAARC Film Awards) and others.

Sehbai’s acting career is flourishing, but his personal life has been the focus of attention. In his old age, he married his long-time companion and they have been living the best lives together. Their touching love story has attracted worldwide attention. Pictures of them having fun in Germany have gone viral on social media. Sehbai’s story shows that love does not have a age and there is no limit to happiness.

Samina Amir Marriage

Ahmad, a well known personality in Pakistani film, was previously married by Fariduddin Ahmed. Fariduddin Ahmed is the son of W.Z., an experienced filmmaker. Ahmed. The couple had two children together, one son and one daughter. Fariduddin divorced Ahmad just a few short years before his death in 1993. It was Ahmad’s love for Shamim, an actress, that led to him later marrying her.

Ahmad married Manzar Sehbai, a talented actor, on 4 April 2020 in Lahore in a private Nikah ceremony. Fans around the globe were delighted to hear about the happy union of this couple. Ahmad’s story is filled with love and loss. Her determination to move on and find love again is an example to others facing similar difficulties in life.

Samina A Ahmad Age

Samina Ahmad, an actress and producer from Pakistan, began her career in television with plays on Pakistan Television Corporation. But she is most well-known for her humorous roles in popular plays such as Akkar Bakkar (PTV), Taal Matol and Alif Noon, Such Gup and the comedy-drama Family Front (1997 Comedy Drama TV Series). Recently, she appeared in Side Order, another comedy on TV. She quickly rose to prominence in Pakistani media as a leading personality in comic roles. In an interview, she answered “Humanity” as her top value.

Ahmad was only 18 when she began working at Pakistan Television Corporation in Lahore (Pakistan) as a college student. In addition to her long career, she was also a Program Director at Alhamra Arts Council for 20 years in Lahore. Samina has been active in the Women’s Action Forum, Pakistan, despite her busy professional career. Samina Ahmad Productions launched her own TV company in 1997. This produced the popular TV drama Family Front. Samina Ahmad is a prominent figure in Pakistan’s entertainment industry, even though she is now 73.

Samina Amir Child

Fariduddin and Samina were married and had a child together. Unfortunately, their marriage was not to last and Fariduddin separated from Samina in 1993. According to reports, their divorce was caused by his love for Shamimara, the actress he later married. Although their split was shocking to the industry, the couple’s fans were shocked to learn that Samina Fariduddin and Shamim Ara went on to have successful careers in their respective fields.

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