Who is Steven Crowder Married to Check Here

Are you aware of Steven Crowder’s wife? Here you can find out everything you need to know about Steven Crowder.

Steven Crowder: Who is he?

Steven Blake Crowder was born in 1987. He is an American-Canadian political commentator who also hosts media and is a comedian. Crowder began working at Fox News, creating satirical video clips that were shared on several conservative media platforms.

He then launched Louder with Crowder – a political podcast and YouTube Channel that focuses on conservative comment and humorous content. The show has a segment titled “Change My Mind” where Crowder engages passers-by in conversation.

Crowder and members of Americans for Prosperity got into a heated argument in Michigan in December 2012. The dispute was over Michigan’s newly passed right to work law. Crowder’s Youtube channel was demonetized in two instances, one in 2018 and the other in 2019. The reason for this was his repeated use racist and homophobic insults.

The channel was later remonetized once he changed his behavior and content. In March 2021 it was demonetized and its uploads had to be suspended for a full week, after Crowder violated YouTube’s policy regarding the integrity of the presidential election by making false statements about that election.

YouTube suspended Crowder’s channel in October of 2022 for a period of two weeks due to a violation of its policy against cyberbullying and harassment. Crowder had 5.94 millions subscribers to his channel in January 2023 despite the setbacks. Crowder announced his move to Rumble in March 2023 on Russell Brand’s show.

Steven Crowder is married to who?

Steven Crowder previously married his ex wife Hilary. He married her in August of 2012. Crowder wrote about abstinence’s benefits before getting married. Hilary gave Hilder two twins while he was recovering from surgery in August 2021.

Crowder revealed on his YouTube channel in April of 2023 that his wife had divorced in 2021. Many of his fans were surprised. Crowder, despite this, continues to produce content for his YouTube Channel, and his personal affairs remain a private matter.

Steven Crowder Wife

Hilary Crowder was Steven Crowder’s former wife. Crowder wrote before they got married about the advantages of abstinence. Hilary gave Hilary two twins while he was recovering from surgery in August 2021.

Crowder revealed on his YouTube channel in April of 2023 that his wife had divorced in 2021. Hilary has kept a low profile, and her personal and professional life is not public knowledge. She prefers to keep this private.

Why is Steven Crowder getting divorced?

Steven Crowder is a 35-year old American-Canadian conservative media personality, political commentator, and comedian. He announced on an episode of Louder with Crowder his divorce from his wife Hilary after 10 years together.

He stated that Hilary filed for a divorce in 2021. The divorce was not due to infidelity, abuse or natural separation. Crowder said it was the most heartbreaking event of his life. He considers his divorce as his “deepest individual failure.” Crowder said the couple had two kids and that they wanted to keep it private for their safety.

Crowder stated that he’s been experiencing a horrible divorce ever since 2021. Texas law permits “no-fault divorces”, whereby a spouse filing divorce does not need to prove fault, wrongdoing, or marital infidelity on the other spouse’s part.

Steven Crowder Kids

Steven Crowder is a conservative political analyst and his wife Hilary has two children, twins Magnus, and Charlotte, who were born in 2021. Hilary is a Michigan-born interior designer and Calvin College graduate with a degree of political science.

Steven says that although the couple abstained before getting married, their wedding night was perfect. Steven announced in April 2023 on his podcast, that Hilary had divorced him in 2021. Steven stated that this was not his decision, and that he’d been living a “horrendous divorcée” ever since.

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