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Zachary Bagans Dating Ghost Adventures principal host Zachary Bagans was born on April 5, 1977. He is an American paranormal actor, paranormal investigator, and museum operator. Because he is so well-known, everyone should know about Who Is Zak Bagans Dating. Read the following article to learn more about Who Is Zak bagans Dating.

Who’s Zak Bagans,

Zak Bagans, a well-known American paranormal actor, author, journalist, museum operator, and TV personality, was born in Washington, D.C., on April 5, 1977. He was raised in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. He graduated Glenbard West High School. Bagans collaborated with Nick Groff, Aaron Goodwin and others to produce Ghost Adventures in 2004, a documentary-style movie. This film aired on SciFi Channel. This film inspired a sequel series that aired on the Travel Channel in 2008 and which has been aired for 19 seasons. Bagans has been accused for faking the appearance of ghost-hunting show Ghost Adventures: Aftershocks. From 2014 to 2016, he hosted Ghost Adventures Aftershocks, a spin-off series that focused on the personal changes that took place after Ghost Adventures investigations.

Bagans’ claim to having communicated with actor David Strickland who died in 1999 after committing suicide is one of his most famous claims. Bagans claims to be able to record Strickland’s voice a decade ago and include the recording in a NecroFusion track. Bagans claims Bagans made the claim despite not being able to perform a scientific analysis on the raw recording.

Who is Zak Bagans Divorcing?

Zak Bagans could be single at the moment. He was involved with Holly Madison, a makeup artist and model, from 2019 to 2020. Bagans started hosting the show Phantom Undertakings back in 2007 before joining the Travel Channel. Bagans has been very private about his personal life since his fame. However, his fans are keen to learn more about his love life. Here, we discuss his past relationships and current relationships.

The rumored relationship between Zak and the unnamed woman would be inappropriate as they have not yet publicly discussed their relationship. Fans on the internet noticed several similarities between the couple’s Instagram posts. This led them to speculate that the two were in fact dating, even though they never confirmed the relationship rumors. Also, Holly Madison was married to Pasquale Rotella before he became involved with Zak. They were married until February 2019, and have two children from their previous marriage.

Zak Bagans Dating History

Zak Bagans is a man who has had several relationships in his life and been associated with many women. But he has never married. After Christine Dolce’s passing, Zak did not have an emotional relationship with anyone. According to rumors, he was dating Holly Madison in 2019, who he met in his Spooky Gallery in Las Vegas years ago. Rumours circulated that the couple was a couple after they started to get to know each other in June 2018. They separated in February 2021.

Although they attended several events together, the couple decided to not discuss their relationship publicly. According to rumours, they broke up in February 2021. Marcy Delatorre, Zak Bagans’ real-life girlfriend, isn’t there. Marcy is a fictional character created by Casey Rose in Wattpad under the title “My Life As a Zak Bagans’ Girlsfriend”.

Who has Zak Bagans Dated?

Zak Bagans had romantic relationships with many women, including Christine Dolce, a makeup artist and model, who died in 2017 due to liver failure. Ashley Mallett was his other girlfriend. He posted a picture of himself on Twitter on April Fool’s Day 2014, and it was believed that they were engaged. There is not much information about their current relationship. Finally, Bagans dated Holly Madison model from 2019-2021. Although rumors have circulated about their divorce, she sent him a birthday message via Instagram in April 2021.

Zak Bagans has a lot of female attention despite his successful career and beautiful looks. Many women have tried to make it with him over the years. He has a large fanbase. A woman from New Zealand was scammed by someone pretending that he was Zak Bagans. Zak is still busy working. In order to produce more content for discovery+, he recently signed a new 3-year contract. This includes more than 100 hours of terror and supernatural content, including new seasons for Ghost Adventures, and semi-scripted series The Haunted Museum.

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