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Is your genius? You can give it a shot to solve the mystery of Who murdered Mrs Smith. This article will help you solve the mystery of Who killed Mrs Smith. This riddle is very popular in the United States and India , Canada, and the United Kingdom.

This article will be all about Mrs Smith Riddle. Please visit the blog below.

The Tiktok user puzzle:

A Tiktok user shared a new riddle that is currently trending online. The riddle is often solved by people. According to reports, mark, a Tiktok user who is known for sharing interesting riddles, also shared another riddle. If the riddle is solved, it can reveal some of one’s secrets.

The riddle asks you to guess who killed Mrs Smith based on the testimony of the witness. We have already discussed the interesting question, “Who Killed Mrs Smith?”.

Statements of Witness are based on the riddle

According to the riddle Mrs Smith was murdered in the evening. Here are the statements of the five witnesses who were present at the incident site.

  • The chef was making dinner.
  • Mr Smith was in the garden. He was using his telescope to search for stars.
  • The gardener was busy trimming the plants.
  • The maid was busy setting up the dinner table
  • The butler brought wine to dinner.

The Solution to Mrs Smith’s Murder:

Mark’s riddle was quite interesting. Many people responded to the five witness statements. Most of them guessed that the answer was the gardener, since no one cut the plants in the garden during the evening. Mark said that the answer was wrong.

Only one person, however, correctly identified Mr Smith as the correct answer. He said that no one can find stars in an evening. Mark responded positively to this comment. The correct answer was Mr Smith.


This riddle, which was based on Mrs Smith’s murderer, is quite unique. This article covers the Who Killed Mrs Smith Riddle in detail. Click this link to find out more about the Mrs Smith riddle. This article contains all the details about the solution to the riddle starring Mrs Smith’s murder.

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