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Who is Faye Windass? Coronation Street has been a British soap opera since 1960. Faye Windass, one of the most beloved characters of the show, is just one of many. Ellie Louise Leach is the actress who portrays Faye Windass. We will be focusing on her in this article. We will talk about her career, her age and some interesting facts.

Who portrays Faye Windass, Coronation Street’s lead character?

Ellie Louise Leach portrays Faye Windass. Ellie was conceived in Bury (Greater Manchester), England on March 15, 2001. She is the child of Nicholas and Judith Leach, actors. She has been acting since childhood and joined Coronation Street’s 2011 cast.

Ellie Louise Leach: Ellie Louise Leach

A talented young actress, she has been a household name in Britain thanks to her role as a Coronation Street star. She started her acting career young, and she appeared in several stage productions. Then she moved to television.

Ellie’s breakout role was when she joined Coronation Street’s cast in 2011. Since then, Ellie has enjoyed a resounding success, with viewers of all ages admiring both her acting abilities and her charming personality.

Ellie Louise Leach was born in 1953.

Ellie Louise Leach, who was born on March 15, 2001 is now 22 years old.


Which other movies and TV shows has Ellie Louise Leach starred in?

Ellie Louise Leach’s role as Faye Windass on Coronation Street is her most prominent role. But she also appears in “Doctors” TV series and “The Chase,” along with the short film, “The Watchmaker’s Apprentice.”

Has Ellie Louise Leach received any awards for her acting skills?

Yes, Ellie won in 2014 the Best Young Performance award from the British Soap Awards. This was for her role as Coronation Street.

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