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Why is Sanna getting divorced?

Sanna Marine, Prime Minister of Finland and her husband, have announced their divorce following her recent election defeat. Marin announced in an Instagram story that the couple had “filed together for divorce” and thanked them for 19 years of marriage. Marin announced the news after she lost her general election in April of 2022. Her Social Democrats finished third with 43 seats.

Marin also added that, despite their separation, they will continue to be “best friends”, and spend time as a family together with their 5-year old daughter. Markus Raikkonen’s Instagram profile also announced the separation.

Finnish Prime Minister Divorce

Sanna Marin has announced that both she and her husband Markus Raikkonen have filed for divorce.

Marin announced the news after her Social Democrats finished third with 43 votes out of 200 in the recent general elections. Marin shared the good news on her Instagram Story, saying that she and her husband filed for divorce together. They are grateful for 19 years together.

She added that the two plan to continue being “besties” and spending time as a family, with their 5-year-old girl. Markus Raikkonen posted the announcement to his Instagram page. The decision of the couple to separate has attracted media attention, especially since they were a prominent couple in Finland.

The National Coalition of conservatives, who won 48 seats during the parliamentary election, is currently in talks to form government with the Finns Party (anti-immigration), which won 46.

Marin will continue as interim Prime Minister until a new cabinet is named. Marin is still a popular person despite the loss of her party. She has received praise for her leadership and advocacy during the COVID-19 epidemic and for her progressive policies.

Sanna Mari Husband: Who is he?

Marin Raikkonen and her former TPV footballer partner Markus Raikkonen welcomed a daughter in January 2018; Markus Raikkonen is now a communications professional. The couple got married at the official residence of Prime Minister in August 2020. Their main residence is located in Kaleva, Tampere.

They have moved to Kesaranta due to COVID-19. Marin and Raikkonen, who had been together for 19 year, filed for divorce in 2023.

Marin was born into a “rainbow” family with two women parents. She was the first member of her family to go to university. She is a vegan.

Sanna Mari Daughter

Sanna Marin – the current prime minister of Finland – and Markus Raikkonen welcomed Emma Amalia Marin into their family in January 2018. Emma Amalia Marin is now 4 and the only child for the couple.

Marin and Raikkonen were married in Kesaranta in August 2020. Raikkonen is a communications professional. The couple’s permanent home is in the Kaleva area of Tampere. But due to COVID-19, they now reside at Kesaranta. The couple, who had been together for 19 long years, filed for divorce in May 2023.

Marin previously described herself as being from a “rainbow-colored family”, and that she was raised by her two female parents. She’s also vegetarian and is the first member of her family to go to university.

Sanna Marin, who is she?

Sanna Mirella Marin has been the Prime Minister for Finland since 2019. She is a Social Democratic Party of Finland member and has been in the Finnish Parliament since 2015.

She was elected leader of SDP in the year 2020. Marin’s Government formally resigned after the 2023 Finnish parliament elections, in which SDP finished third. They will serve as caretakers until a newly appointed government is formed.

Marin announced that she would step down as leader of SDP during the party congress of 2023 in the autumn, but will continue to be a member of parliament. Marin was originally born in Helsinki. She later moved to Tampere, where she studied at University of Tampere.

She became a member of the Social Democratic Youth group in 2006 and served from 2010-2012 as its vice president. She served as a councilor in Tampere, and was elected as a parliamentarian later.

Marin was appointed as Prime Minister on 8 December 2019 after Antti Riin resigned over the post-strike controversy. In the history of Finland, Marin was the youngest leader to ever hold the position of prime minister.

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