Why is Youtube Not Working in Pakistan Check Details!

The people of Pakistan are curious to know why YouTube does not work in Pakistan. We will investigate the reasons for YouTube’s blocking in Pakistan as well as the issues facing Pakistanis.

Imran Khan: Who is he?

Imran Khan was a cricket captain, politician and former Prime Minister of Pakistan. He served from August 2018, until April 20, 2022. He founded the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf political party and is its chairman. Khan graduated from Keble College at Oxford and played international cricket up until 1992.

He established cancer hospitals and an educational institution before entering politics. In 2002, he won a place in the National Assembly. Khan, as Prime Minister, addressed economic concerns and launched initiatives including the Ehsaas Programme (Plant for Pakistan) and the Ehsaas Programme. He was removed in 2022 from office and accused of anti-terrorist laws and corruption by 2023.

Why Does Youtube not Work in Pakistan

Pakistan has blocked YouTube and other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. This comes in response the criticisms of the National Accountability Bureau’s arrest of Imran Khan, former prime minister and chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf PTI) in the Al-Qadir Trust matter.

In response, users in Pakistan have reported deteriorated internet services, especially when attempting to access different social media platforms. YouTube has not been blocked before in Pakistan. In 2012, the video-sharing site was temporarily blocked. This followed a controversial anti Islam clip that was uploaded to the website, sparking protests all over the country.

Many criticize the current YouTube block, saying that it violates their right to freedom of expression and information. The government on the other side has justified the ban as necessary to maintain order and law in the country.

Why Imran Khan was arrested

Imran, the former Pakistani prime minister, was arrested on Tuesday by paramilitary soldiers who broke in to a courthouse at Islamabad. The National Accountability Bureau – Pakistan’s anticorruption body – had brought multiple charges against Khan. Khan was about to submit his biometric data in preparation for a court date when the troops broke a window.

In Quetta, after Imran Khan’s arrest, violent protests broke out. A police officer shot and killed a man who supported Imran. Khan claims that he has been “detained under incorrect charges” in order to prevent him from continuing his political journey for the country’s rights. He claims that the current government is working with the military to remove Khan from office.

Pakistan is experiencing an acute economic crises, and its government has been working to find an agreement with IMF to restart a loan program worth $6.5 billion. The program, which has been in limbo since November, has been delayed. In exchange for releasing a $1.1 billion installment of the loan, the fund presented a list of conditions.

Youtube Censorship

YouTube is a video-sharing site that has set Community Guidelines. These guidelines are enforced to ensure the content of YouTube is appropriate and acceptable. YouTube has three main ways to censor content which violates the Community Guidelines. YouTube’s first method involves removing a video outright if the content is offensive or inappropriate.

The second method of removing channels is through a 3-strike system. This means that, if a YouTube channel receives 3 strikes for violating guidelines, they will be permanently deleted from the platform. YouTube also uses demonetization to censor content. Videos deemed inappropriate by advertisers will lose their monetization, leaving creators unable to generate revenue.

YouTube demonetizes content to prevent it from damaging its reputation or violating Community Guidelines. YouTube’s censorship policies aim to provide a safe environment for users.

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