Wildsmash.Com Legit Is This Legit Or Not!

To find out if is Wildsmash.com legit, read exclusive reviews.

Many sites allow users to register and meet people who are looking to build friendships or extend their relationships. These sites have a positive side: strangers can meet new people, get to know one another well, and form a lasting marriage relationship with the right individuals. However, there are thousands of scamming websites in America that charge a membership fee, and then post unauthorised charges. Let’s look at Wildsmash.com and see if it is Wildsmash.com legit.

Wildsmash.com Legitimacy

Wildsmash.com is a complicated plot. Wildsmash.com is a domain that redirects users to https://datestobe.com for registration and access services.

Wildsmash.com was established as a legitimate site. It has an average trust score of 80% and a high 100% business ranking. However, it has a low 2/100 domain authority score. It also gained an Alexa rank of zero and a suspicion score of 5%.

Wildsmash.com was established in Staffordshire, GB on October 10, 2017. The website was last updated on 8-March-2021. Wildsmash.com was in existence for many years, but it will expire within the next 11 months and 29 days on October 10, 2023.

Wildsmash.com Facebook Features:

Wildsmash FB Group was created in February 2020 and currently has 289 members. It is not possible to access its details as a private group. Wildsmash.com didn’t include terms of use, privacy policies, customer service contact, or email. Website used internet censorship to hide the identity and contact information of its owners. Wildsmash.com uses valid HTTPS protocol. Its IP address is and it has a valid SSL Certificate for the next 322-days.

Datestobe.com’s legitimacy:

Wildsmash.com can only access Datestobe.com at the moment. Wildsmash.com is legit? Datestobe.com, the partner site of, has a horrible 5% trust score and a 0% ranking on Alexa. It also has a bad 6/100 Domain Authority score.

Datestobe.com is also a high-risk site for personal and payment information, as it has a 100% suspicion score, 23% phishing, 26% spam, and 41% threat and scam score.


Although datestobe.com uses a secure HTTPS protocol, its IP 52.69.95 has a valid SSL Certificate valid for the next 144 days and is not blacklisted. Datestobe.com appears to be a scam because it gained bad Trust, business, Alexa and DA scores, as well as phishing and threat scores. Wildsmash.com Legit reviews indicate a scam. It redirects users to high risk websites, datestobe.com.

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