Woodlands Elite Shooting Know About Incident!

This article on The Woodlands Elite Shooting provides information regarding the shooting incident and the arrest.

Four top competitive cheerleading team members from Oak Ridge, Texas, were slain early on Tuesday morning in an alarming incident that took place after a the team’s practice. What exactly happened? The people of America United States are seeking more details regarding the shooting. In this article, we’ll explore the details surrounding the incident, injuries suffered by cheerleaders and an arrest for the suspected shooter. We will also discuss the consequences of the incident as well as Woodlands Elite Shooting.

What transpired during the shooting incident?

The latest Tuesday saw four elite cheerleading team members from Oak Ridge were shot after one of the athletes attempted to enter the wrong car following a the practice. The incident took place in the parking lot at H-E-B that the athletes use to carpool. One cheerleader sustained graze wounds and a teammate was injured in the back and leg and is now in critical condition following the shooting.

Woodlands Elite Shots-The arrest of the alleged gunman

Elgin police arrested the suspected gunman, 25, Pedro Tello Rodriguez Jr. On Tuesday, police in Elgin arrested the suspect. The suspect has been charged with homicide actions, though sources suggest that more charges could be filed. The motive for the shooting remains under investigation, and the details regarding Rodriguez’s past and his connection to the victims aren’t clear.

Injuries sustained by Cheerleaders

After Roth returned to her friend’s vehicle, a man came up to their vehicle after which Roth turned down the windows to apologize. She explained that she was mistakenly thinking it was her vehicle prior to the Woodlands Elite Shooting incident. The man then was able to throw his hands up and opened a firearm, and began shooting. Roth was wounded and was treated, and then released from the scene. However, her colleague, Payton Washington, was wounded in the leg and the back. Washington was an athlete who is a new recruit from the Baylor’s Acrobatic as well as Tumbling squad was transported into a hospital nearby critical health.

Additional details:

Payton Washington Payton Washington, who had been fighting with one lung was operated on for removal of her spleen. She will undergo additional operations throughout the next week. A large portion of the Round Rock ISD community and Woodlands Elite Generals has also been supportive of the victims and offered prayers, encouragement, and best wishes for their recuperation. Follow the twitter link for more details regarding the incident.


To sum up to conclude, the Woodlands shooting that involved the 4 cheerleaders at Oak Ridge is a tragic reminder of the unpredictability of dangers that could arise in normal situations. For more details on the incident, visit the link.

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