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Reddit offers exclusive reviews about Yevgeny Prigozhin. It is not a surprise to see the richest man on the front lines worrying about the casualties. Did you realize that many people, including politicians, military personnel, historians and those who support warring countries, as well people who oppose war and want it to stop, were focusing their attention on the situation shown in the video by Yevgeny Progozhin?

Yevgeny Prigozhin Video:

Prigozhin has shared a video showing the situation of the Private Militia Corps (PMC). This video is disturbing and should not be viewed. Prigozhin filmed this video at night using the assistance of another person who gave a perspective from a third party. He was standing next to the dead bodies PMC soldiers. Twitter has 243 posts about Yevgeny’s video. Prigozhin used profanity and was irate against the army commander, political party, people on higher positions, people in authority, and the leader. This was enough to start the fire.

The Casualties:

Prigozhin displayed the dead bodies lying on the floor of at least forty soldiers. Instagram had only one post about Yevgeny Prgozhin’s YouTube video. He said to the viewers that the blood on the bodies was still fresh. This means that they died in May 2023. The video was posted online the same day. Since the beginning, the Allied forces have had over 45,918 casualties, and 65 464+ wounded soldiers.

1st Disclosure:

Telegram, a private messaging service, does not allow the public to view videos. Prigozhin stated in a loud voice and with anger on his face that these soldiers had volunteered to fight at the frontline. In the video Prigozhin stated that PMC suffers from a 70% shortage of weapons and ammunition! This Disclosure is enough for the army supply system to fail. Youtube had 140 comments on Yevgeny Progozhin’s video.

Frontline situation:

PMC has captured suburbs and is fighting near urban areas. But the defending nation is putting up a strong fight. Prigozhin stated that those in power lead a lavish life, attend expensive dinners and clubs, and their children enjoy YouTube videos. Meanwhile, children of the poor die in the battlefield. There were 15 Tiktok posts about Oleksandr Sryskyi, a Colonel General, stated on the 1st/May/2023 (that defending forces have recaptured certain parts of the town). Prigozhin reported the same date that PMC had advanced by 120 meters within the city. But they lost 80 men due to the lack of ammunition.

2nd Disclosure:

Reddit had 126 posts that became viral in just 24 hours. Reddit removed the majority of Yevgeny Prigozahin’s video posts. Prigozhin also revealed that the PMC would get 5% less weapons than they asked for when they approached the army. Prigozhin asked if the army could send troops to the battlefield by stockpiling weapons on the country’s territory instead of the field.


Yevgeny Prigozhin Reddit Video wanted to help people understand the problems they were facing. Due to the cold weather, both sides are facing difficulties and no significant progress has been made. Prigozhin stated on the 5th/May/2023 he was preparing to withdraw all PMC units after the 10th/May/2023 if there is a continued shortage of ammunition. He also warned that he might denounce Valery Gerasimow and Sergei Shoigu if this situation continues. Click here for Prigozhin statement.

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