Yoga Twins Crash {Aug 2022} Do You Know Alexandra Again Got Bailed!

The article details how the yoga twins crash incident as well as the subsequent aftermath from a short perspective.

Are you aware of the mystery twin’s murder case? It was a while ago. The news has been spreading around again and people are eager to learn more about the details. A lot of people from America United States want to know more about the real incident.

A car with an SUV was involved in this crash. We must discuss the issue and give you a detailed account of Yoga Twins Crash.

What Was the Incident?

It’s about two Yoga instructors who were fighting. The scene that was the scene of violence is Hana Highway on the Island of Maui. In the year 2016 an SUV was rushing towards the edge of the cliff. Based on the witness’s perspective it was then that they noticed the two women fighting each other.

The witnesses later discovered both women to be twins. People rushed to the two women and attempted to put an end to the fight. They were unable to comprehend why they were taking actions. Police later discovered the twin’s name as Anastasia Duval and Alexandra.

Yoga Twins Case – The Real Facts

Police later found that both were Yoga instructors. In the crash, Anastasia died. The authorities in the area took another twin into custody, Alexandra. The case was opened regarding Alexandra. Police were accused of murder in the second degree. The judge, however, had no evidence to support Alexandra and, therefore, the court let her go without charge.

Following the release decree of the court of honor there was a lot of people who thought the notion that Alexandra wasn’t innocent. The truth is that she was involved in dying row with her twin sisters. However, the incident occurred approximately the time of six years. However, he doesn’t believe in Alexandra.

Yoga Twins Crash

The crash killed Anastasia. Both Alexandra as well as Anastasia were the owners of the Yoga center. In the course of the investigation, police discovered that the relationship between these twins was unhealthy. Alexandra had issues with alcohol and was also looking to shut down the yoga studio. However, her sister Anastasia might want for the studio to be sold.

The incident caused tension between the sisters. According to the police report, Alexandra tried to save her every single moment. Even when she changed her name and identity. However, police kept a close watch on her during the incident that led to the Yoga Twins Maui.

Why was the News Circulating?

The incident occurred on May 29, 2016. The information was released by numerous well-known media outlets. It became the main page of the crime magazine at the time. In the future, Alexandra was rereleased from the charges; however, the story was reported in the newspaper as well as many news portals.

In this case, Alexandra was arrested two times. A lot of people are aware of her as a key suspect.


The most recent news is that Alexandra was again bailed with a 3 million dollar bond. The court even released her from the judge with a the cash bail of 200,000 USD out of the Yoga Twins Crashcase. Be aware that all the news stories are based on reliable news sources.

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