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Are you looking to find 5 letter words starting with BRE To help you solve today’s wordle puzzle, we have 23 5 Letter Words Beginning with BRE.

Words starting with BRE

Wordle is a word puzzle of 5-letter words that allows you to discover new 5-letter words. It also stimulates your vocabulary power and helps people search for 5-letter words more often. Words are the key to achieving anything. Some people play with words while others are more skilled and precise in using them. We typically look up terms that begin or end with a certain letter in a dictionary. This article is a better alternative to using a dictionary. It will help you find 5 Letter Words that Start with BRE. Below is a list of 5 letter words starting with BRE. Are you struggling to find the right words? Be assured. There are many 5 letter words that begin with BRE. To help you increase your vocabulary, we’ve listed these words along with their definitions. Keep reading to learn more about the words and their meanings.


Wordle, a web-based wordgame, was invented by Josh Wardle (a programmer who designed social experiments Place, and The Button For Reddit). Wordle was launched in October 2021. Each player has six chances to guess the five-letter word. Players receive feedback in coloured tiles with each guess. The feedback indicates which letters are in which position of the answer word. Wordle provides a way to specify which letters are correct, similar to Mastermind. Every day has a unique answer word that is the exact same for everyone.

5 Letter Words that Start with BRE

The table below lists the 5 Letter Words that Start with BRE.

S.No5 letter words starting with BRE

Meanings of 5 Letter Words that Start with BRE

  1. Bread – A baked food made with flour, water, yeast, or another leavening agent. It is usually sliced and served as a staple meal.
  2. Break is to seperate into pieces or parts; to interrupt continuity or uniformity; or to stop working for a brief time to rest, eat or relax.
  3. Bream – A freshwater fish with a long body and a compressed lateral shape.
  4. The Breas . This is not an English term. Maybe you meant “breasts”, which refers to the mammary organs on the chest.
  5. Breda – A city in the south of the Netherlands
  6. Brede – A type of fish common in Scandinavia.
  7. Cross: This is to create offspring by mating animals and plants of different breeds or races.
  8. BEEs: This spelling may be a variation of “breeze”, which is a gentle wind.
  9. Brens. Brens can be a reference to Brens, which is a French commune or Bren light gun, a British made light machine gun.
  10. Brent is an Old English word that means “hills, steeps” or “burnt ground”.
  11. Brere is an archaic English expression for “briar”, or “thornbush”.
  12. Broers: Brers, a plural form of “brer”, is a southern dialectical pronunciation “brother” that is used in African-American folktales, especially those of Brer Rabbit.
  13. Brest is a French city, well-known for its naval history as well as its strategic location on the Atlantic Coast.
  14. Brett is an Old English word meaning “a Breton”.
  15. Brve: A musical term that refers to a brief, single note played for half the length of a whole note.
  16. Brewed: Brews can be referred to as the plural of “brew,” which is a beverage that’s made by steeping tea, coffee, herbs or spices in hot water.
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