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The trending news in the United Kingdom was the news that guests were posting TikTok posts about threatening to file a petition against their stay at a hotel with someone who is disabled.

Did you know that Carrie Jade Williams died? Carrie Jade Williams is who? What is Carrie getting threatened with legal action? What is the connection between this scam and the problem? Let’s look at Carrie Jade William Scam.


The company is known as Air Bed and Breakfast and acts as a broker, allowing worldwide travelers and lovers to stay for as little as one day or as long as one year in the home of hosts from various locations around the world.

Due to an increase in rents since 2017, AirBnB packages were labeled a fraud. The incident involving Carrie Jade Williams was also criticized and treated as fraud. AirBnB charges brokerage fees for its services. The host must pay rent to the tenant.

About Carrie Jade Williams Ireland :

Carrie was 31 when she was diagnosed with Huntington’s disease. The disease causes nerve cells to begin to die, resulting in disabilities, loss of function, and decreased movement.

Carrie is a respected writer. Her essay “My brain is fighting a war it will lose”– written with Huntington’s disease– is well-known for showing how she’s coping. Her entire life was dedicated to the development of aid for similar patients. Her Netflix documentary, “The Men I Met Along The Way”, is her most well-known work.

Staying with Carrie Jade Williams Airbnb :

AirBnB was used by a woman to rent a bedroom at Carrie’s home. Unknown is the identity of this tenant. Her ID was however determined by her petition posts.

1820Things claimed AirBnB didn’t inform her that she would be staying with someone who is disabled. Tenant discovered that many of the items in her house were made for someone with special needs.


AirBnB sent a few service agents to Carrie’s home after the tenant reported it. AirBnB had no idea Carrie was in such a dire condition. The tenant treated the incident as a Carrie Jade Williams scam. This is a scam, as the tenant was trying to obtain compensation for poor service.

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