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Are you in search of a rental or purchase a property located in France? Are you looking to rent your home to generate rent? Do you wish to purchase an additional property? Are you searching for an residential property that has an outdoor terrace, garden or balcony? Are you thinking about amenities like the internet connection for the property you’re looking to lease or purchase?

Let’s look into Foncia .comoffering solutions to address the issues mentioned above.

About Foncia: is a commercial site which offers special deals for the purchase or rental of properties. has been successful in executing more than 20 transactions, and managed more than 70K co-ownership properties and more than 400k rental properties over the course of the last year.

At present, there are over 15k properties on the site, ready for you to look through. You can also post your property on the site to earn rent, or make money from selling your property. is affiliated with more than 500 companies that deal with real states to give you better alternatives for finding an investment property.

Foncia Pouzet and services:

Fonica offers 360-degree online tours and luminosity certificate 3D transforms, digital performance diagnostics and access to over 120 criteria to find a perfect property that is a perfect match. offers you services that are related to:

  1. The security deposit is required for the rental property
  2. We provide information on sites that will meet your rental budget,
  3. Professional service provided by fonica’s team throughout the renting process,
  4. When choosing a rental plan,
  5. If you are looking to buy a principal residence
  6. Selecting a property to invest,
  7. Information about furnished and unfurnished houses,
  8. When you visit the property,
  9. The lease agreement must be signed.
  10. Home insurance fonica for the Foncia Paris Rive Gauche,
  11. Energy contract subscription,
  12. Determining the deduction
  13. of fixtures that are secured by security deposits , when of fixtures from security deposits when you leave the rental,
  14. In the event of paying the full amount in three simple installments
  15. Assistance in the payment of rent
  16. When you are deciding on your budget to purchase an investment property,
  17. purchasing a brand-new or older property
  18. Tax assessment of properties
  19. Co-ownership management, etc.

The credibility of has a long time existence since was updated on 9th-November-2021, which signifies active business. The website, however, will expire on 11th December 2022. has been registered within France. It has an official HTTPS protocol and is protected by an SSL certificate that will be valid over the course of a period of 68 consecutive days. was awarded an overall business rank of 100% and has listed Foncia Claye Souilly properties. The site has an impressive 85,092 Alexa rank, a very low 5percent suspicion score however, it has a lower than average 31 percent trust index.

Fonica is currently the biggest French property management company in France. Foncia was established around 1972, by Jacky Lorenzetti. Emerial is the parent company, which is chaired by Phillip Hall. Francois Davy is head of Fonica.


More than 1,143 reviews have rated the product below average, with 2.6/5-stars. On Trustpilot 94% of customers left negative feedback that suggested false information, Fonica asking for more cash to maintain the site, Etc. Thus, reviews find that it’s possibly a legitimate business website that offers properties in Foncia Port Camarguetoo. So, is only suggested to experienced internet users as well as real estate agents.

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