How To Wear A Polo Shirt –10 Ways To Step Up Your Outfit Game

It’s about time we girls stop casting aside the versatile polo shirts. These classy yet stylish shirts are not just meant for men. 

In today’s article, we will give you brilliant ideas on how to wear a polo shirt. And turn it into a BIGG SLAYYY! 

Simply put, Polo shirts like the famous Jerzees 437W are the king of all shirts. They are perfect for summers, formal wear, daily wear and whatnot. Not to mention, their silhouettes are one thing that makes them even better. The classic, crisp, and absolute clean shirt look is something everyone can pull off. They come in vast arrays of sizes, styles and colors. This is why mixing and matching them with different pants and shorts is easier. 

Ways To Wear A Polo Shirt

There are many ways that a polo shirt for women can be styled to make the wearer feel more assured of themselves. The laid-back style and traditional cut of a polo shirt provide it with many potential applications in various settings.

In this article, we will discuss some creative new ways to wear polo shirts with nearly any clothing piece. The best part is that you probably already own some of these pieces and just haven’t realized it yet.

Long Skirts And Polo Are A Match Made In Heaven

Wearing a polo shirt and skirt together is a great fashion choice for women. A white polo shirt, which complements nearly every skirt length, is essential. A khaki skirt and your go-to white polo are a winning combination. Or, for a casual weekend appearance, a pair of white striped sandals.

Jeans Are Your Go-To

Tucking a women’s polo shirt into a pair of jeans is another stylish option. This is the best method to show off your jeans’ waistband, whether you’re wearing a high or low rise. It also gives you a trim, attractive silhouette that works well with any clothing.

Make The Most Out Of Them As A Basic Top

Because polo shirts come in so many different colours, you can easily wear them on their own. If you’re going for a subtle style, solid colours are the way to go, but if you want to draw attention to yourself, patterns and bright colours are the way to go.

Put It To Good Use By Tucking It Into A Textured Skirt

In order to look neat and put together, try tucking your polo shirt into the waistband of your slacks or skirt. Perfect for short ladies who wish to give the impression of being taller, as it helps to stretch the torso. Tucked in, the stretchy fabric of many women’s polo shirts ensures a pleasant wearing experience.

Layers, Layers, and Layers

In chilly weather, layering your clothes is a simple method to stand out from the crowd while staying toasty warm. Not only can they be worn alone, but they can also be layered and paired with other pieces to create completely distinct styles to fit your mood.

Mix And Match With Your Fav Shorts 

Dress up a pair of shorts and shoes with your go-to polo shirt for a look that’s as easy as it is stylish. Put on a baseball cap to make it look cooler. This outfit is great for those days when you want to relax with ease without sacrificing your sense of style.

Keep It Casual With Some Tights

Leggings and tights are typically worn underneath skirts and dresses. But a polo shirt can also look fantastic when worn with leggings or tights.

Add A Bit Of Fun with a Short Skirt

A cute skirt, like a Fitted Mini Skirt in Scuba Stripe, is a great way to jazz up a polo shirt for a night out. This skirt gives off an athletic yet sophisticated attitude. Wearing a polo shirt untucked is a great way to show off your carefree side, but tucking it into your skirt will give your look a more put-together air.

Play It Safe With Trouser Pants

Trousers and pants are safe if you’re going for a more refined look. Black stretch trousers and Jerzees 437W are a favourite of ours. Since the polyester blend construction guarantees they’ll maintain their form all day. Belt loops and slim side pockets on such pants make them extremely versatile and an added benefit. 

Bring Out Your Inner Athlete

A sporty outfit that is perfect for warmer weather is a polo shirt and a good pair of leggings. You may make a pretty cute collage outfit by pairing one of these sweet shirts with some leggings.

Enhance Your Curves With Well-Fitted Jeans

Wearing a polo shirt and jeans is a safe bet. This is one of those timeless outfits that will never go out of style. Make sure you wear pants that fit nicely and fall just at or below the waistline.

When And Where To Wear A Polo Shirt?

If you’re going to a formal event like a wedding or a graduation, you might want to wear your polo with dressy pants or a skirt. However, if you’re looking for a great piece to wear to the office, a polo goes well with pants or skirts.

Additionally, a polo shirt and jeans are a good choice if business casual is the usual dress code at your office. Even if your office has stricter rules, polo is still a great choice as long as you wear it with pants or skirts that match.

Almost any time is a good time to wear a polo shirt. It’s a great choice for work clothes and weekend clothes. When you wear a polo shirt with jeans or chinos, you look like you can take on the world.

Women’s polo shirts are a flexible and elegant addition to any closet. They are versatile since you can easily dress them up or down, depending on the occasion. Additionally, they can be worn all year long. There are various ways to wear one, whether you’re looking for office wear or to just casually hang out at home.

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