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This Khazar Momeni Instagram article provides details on the death of Cash App founder Bob Lee and his unclear relationship with Khazar.

Are you aware of whom Khazar Momeni was? What was Bob Lee? What did happen to Lee? If you’re also keen to learn more about the latest murder case that involved Bob Lee from San Francisco Read this article here on Khazar Momeni’s Instagram. This incident took place within the United States in early April Many believed that it was a common street crime. However, the story that has emerged suggests it was an intentional murder.

Relationship Between the Case and Khazar Momeni

On April 4 an individual named Bob Lee was stabbed to death along a roadway by the man. The person who was killed is one of the Cash App founder, and just days after his death the police suspect it may be an intentional murder. This suspect happens to be Nima Momeni who is An IT Consultant. It is a good question to ask who is Khazar Momeni? Khazar Momeni is Nima’s younger sister. According to sources, Nima was doubtful of Bob and Khazar being engaged in a relationship.

Bob Lee Killing Case Information

After being brutally cut up to four times with an knives from the kitchen, Bob became unconscious and passed away. The incident was initially thought of as an incident on the streets, but after reviewing the video and identifying the person in the car in white with the name Nima Momeni was obvious that Bob was killed.

Bob even went to Khazar’s house together with Nima at the time of the assassination. they walked out of the house together. Prior to slashing Bob, Nima asked him about his relationship with Khazar and whether they were taking addictive drugs or not.

What do you think is Khazar Momeni Husband? And More Details

Khazar got married to a Plastic surgery doctor Dino Elyassnia, in the year 2013. According to the reports, Dino was an Iranian Immigrant, and his family moved relocated to in the U.S. during Iranian Revolution. He attended Southern California Medical School and resided in California in addition. He is a consultant at the Marten Clinic of Plastic Surgery and is extremely proficient in Rhinoplasty.

Khazar along with her husband are with her husband at Millennium Tower, the luxury apartment. According to reports, Khazar also texted Bob and expressed her concern about her husband. She said she understood how hard her brother was down on him, and she hoped that he was alright.

Social Media Details

Accounts like Khazar Momeni LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter aren’t accessible. Certain accounts are not accessible while others are not even available. The personal details of her are publicly available, with the exception the fact that her birthplace was in Iran and that her family moved to U.S. when she was small.


On April 4, expert in IT Nima Momeni killed a tech Mogul. According to reports the man was believed to have killed him due to an affair with his wife, Khazar Momeni. The case is drawing lots of attention due to the fact that celebrities are involved. For details, click Here

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