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This article will provide information about the sudden death of takeoff and a famous singer, as well as other details regarding takeoff such Kirshnik Khari Ball Mother.

Did you hear about the passing of Takeoff, a well-known musician? This article will discuss the death of Takeoff as well as other details about his personal and professional life. Yesterday, it was announced that Takeoff died from a gunshot. The post contains more information. Takeoff was an iconic figure in the United States. Check out the blog for more information about Kirshnik Khari Ball mother and the personal life of Takeoff. Keep checking back for more information.

Who is Takeoff’s Mother

Mother of Takeoff, also known as Kirshnik Khari Ball is the sister to Quavo, a veteran rapper who was part of the band Migos. Quavo’s sister Edna Marshall raised all three of his bandmates together. Takeoff was raised by his mother alone, in the honor of their parents.

  • Takeoff Wiki
  • Name: Kirshnik Khari Ball
  • Age: 28 years.
  • Date of birth: 18th Juni 1994.
  • Profession: Rapper, musician.
  • Girlfriend: None.
  • Children: 8 Family: Quavo, (Uncle),
  • Offset (Cousin)
  • Wife: Unmarried.
  • Son: Edna Marshall.
  • Net worth: $26 Million

Kirshnik Khari biography & more

Kirshnik was born at Lawrenceville, Georgia. The Migos band offset’s three members are Kiari Kendrell Cephus and Quavo Keyate Marshall. Quavo is takeoff’s real name. Cardi B is married with offset.

Tribute to industry

Following the announcement about Takeoff’s death, fans, colleagues and other artists began to express their grief via Twitter. Many celebrities also shared their condolences through this post. Their song, “UNC & phew”, is currently trending on social media.


Takeoff was one the greatest rappers and musicians of all time. Everyone was shocked when he was declared dead. The Internet was abuzz with discussion about Kirshnik Khari Ball Mother. Friends and admirers are deeply grieving and offer their condolences and support to family members and friends. This post may have helped you learn about takeoff. Leave a comment below.

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