Mark Pulice Car Accident Chicago Is It In Tinley Park? Must Read!

This article will answer your confusion regarding Mark Pulice and will provide the right information on Mark Pulice’s Car Accident in Chicago.

Have you heard of the car crash in which Mark Pulice died? On the 1st of October, Mark Pulice died in the crash of a car. The crash occurred within Chicago, United States.

Many are curious and want to know his death and the circumstances in which the accident happened to him.

There is more information regarding Mark Pulice’s car crash in Chicago in greater details.

Tragic Story

On the 1st of October, 2022, the news was of an accident that involved one of the students of Cambridge University, Mark, was killed in a crash. Her mother shared the death of Mark via social media. She did not provide any additional details about the accident or the location the deceased was. She did, however, share her message saying she’s mourning and grieving after the loss of her son.

Mark Pulice Obituary

There’s no official announcement regarding Mark’s Funeral. His mother shared a little details regarding his death and she was not able to provide any other information about the Obituary or funeral dates.

The death of Mark was shocking, as Mark was the person who was in charge of the home and was responsible for keeping his family together. But after the accident the family and friends in a state of grief and sadness. In the spring of this year the young man was set to finish his nursing student.

Mark Pulice Tinley Park

Many people are puzzled that there is no announcement regarding Mark Pulice’s funeral, however certain websites are providing details about the funeral on October 7. People are confused by two people with the same name.

But, Mark Anthony Pulice Jr. is an older man and his funeral will take place at Tinley Park on 7 October 2022 at 3 pm. The ceremony will take place in the funeral home of Brady Gill in the evening of Oak Park Eve. In contrast, Mark Pulice’s is a victim of a Car Accident Chicago is another story and he was involved in an accident in his car and was a nursing student in Cambridge University. Don’t be confused or be misled by popular names.


Mark Pulice died on 1 October, in a crash. The details regarding his funeral and accident is not yet available. The people who are confused by the information on the obituary of another person who has the same name. Did you discover the correct information regarding Mark Pulice’s car accident in Chicago? Leave a comment below. You can find the details of the incident here.

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