Royal Mail Postal Strike Dates {Aug} How It Will Affect Your Daily Postal Deliveries!

Below are the Royal Mail Postal Strike Dates and the reason of these strikes by employees.

Are you aware that Royal Postal workers will go strike on these dates? They are the Communication Workers Union (CWU) had announced the strike in response to their discord between them and Royal Mail. Royal Mail company.

They estimate that more than 115,000 workers will be a part of the CWU for a strike throughout the United Kingdom. The union members have been fighting their position with Royal Mail for over a month and have decided to to strike until the demands are fulfilled. For the complete list of Royal Mail Postal Strike dates Please keep reading this article!

What time will Royal Mail workers go on strike?

As per the most up-to-date information According to all the latest details, according to the latest information, Royal Mail Workers are all ready to strike between August and September. This is the largest strike by the CWU during the entire summer season, as over 115,000 employees scheduled to strike on the dates that have been confirmed (from the 26th of August (Friday) 31 August (Wednesday) 8 September (Thursday) and 9 September (Friday).

There are reports that certain actions could occur in tandem with the strikes of BT, Royal Mail and Openreach employees. However, for the moment it is believed that the Royal Mail Postal Strike dates are confirmed and some people could experience delays across the nation.

About Royal Mail:

Royal Mail is a United Kingdom-based postal service and multinational company for couriers. It was founded in 1516 as a state department, but has since been converted to a public limited business following the sale of all its shares in.

The company had the 158,590 workers as of 2021. They offer services like postal services, parcel services freight forwarding, EMS, freight forwarding delivery, as well as third-party logistics. It is in negotiations with the CWU regarding pay and potential changes to the way of working following its General Meeting of the Annual General Meeting on 20 July 2022.

Royal Mail Postal Strike Dates and the reason for it:

As per the statement released by CWU according to the statement, it appears that Royal Mail did not offer the 5.5 percent on wages, however, they imposed the 2% rate and then added 1.5 percent. CWU states that in these times of rising inflation, workers require greater job security and will not let the Royal Mail Group whittle their employees’ working conditions.

They also said they would not relent until they find a mutually acceptable solution for their customers. In the end, Royal Mail Group made PS758 million in profits, the profits, PS400 million was given to shareholders. The CWU also announced Royal Mail Postal Strike Dates for September and August to further aggravate strike action across the country.

What is the Royal Mail said about the strikes?

It was reported that the Royal Mail Group had revealed that CWU has rejected the 5.5 percent pay package because it’s well below inflation rate currently which reached an 10.1 percent mark this year.

They are willing to engage with CWU and continue talks and work to prevent dangerous industrial actions as Royal Mail has suffered PS1 million of losses every day. Royal Mail will also try to minimize disruptions and bring its services back up and running in the shortest amount of time.

Final Words:

We hope you’re aware of all of the forthcoming Royal Mail Postal Strike Dates and their causes.

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