Somerton Man Cause Of Death {July 2022} Mystery Solved?

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Did you know that the mystery surrounding the death of the Somerton man was solved after seventy-three years? Do you know who carried out the investigation and research that helped solve this mystery? To find out the latest news take a look until the very end.

The mystery of death that has remained unsolved for years throughout the United States is reported to be true.

Cause Of Death Of Somerton Man

On the beach in Somerton The corpse of an individual was discovered. The deceased person was discovered recently. Investigators suspected that they were looking for an official Russian spy for the time-bound investigators because of the tensions building during in the Cold War. Many believed that the man could have been a ballet performer because of his strong muscles in the calf, and others thought he was connected to trafficking.

The cause of death of the unidentified individual The reason for the death of that unidentified personcould not be determined following conducting an autopsy on the deceased. There was no definitive solution to how the Somerton Man die . From the autopsy, we discovered that the spleen in the body was over-sized while the liver had been in awful state. Although some speculated that it was due to poisoning, no concrete evidence was found to back up the theory.

Data We Received From an Unknown Dead person.

The 1st day of December 1948, the police rescued the body of a man of a man from Somerton beach. The man was dressed well and was wearing a collar. smoking cigarettes were discovered and in his pocket was the Persian poemcalled “Tamam Shud” which translates to “finished. The man’s age was 40-50 years old. Unfortunately no cash, wallet or ID was discovered with the deceased .

Somerton Man Mystery Solved

Based on the latest discoveries of professor Abbott We know that the body belonged to an electrical engineer from Melbourne, Carl Webb. Researchers have ruled out the possibility of smuggler, spy and ballet-dancer theory. Six siblings were born to him.

Through the investigation, we discovered that after being divorced from wife Dorothy Robertson, who came to South Australia, He came to Australia to search for her. Researchers have also looked into the circumstances surrounding the partner Dorothy Robertson after the death of Carl Webb.

About the Researchers Who Discovered the identity of Somerton Man Cause of death

Derek Abbott and Colleen Fitzpatrick together solved this mystery by identifying the dead person who was found at the shore in 1948. Derek was able to do this using hair samples of the deceased person. Derek studied the DNA of the hair he kept. Colleen Fitzpatrick who is a famous for her work as a forensic specialist within the US, helped Professor Abbott identify the identity of the suspect..


Thanks to the tireless efforts of Professor. Abbott and Colleen Fitzpatrick We could say that the identity of the individual was identified. We also discovered other details that are related to Somerton Man Cause of Death. The reason for the death is not fully understood.

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