Suspended Apple Pay Scam Check Here!

This article outlines all important information about the Suspended Apple Pay Scam, and guides users to be aware the phishing text scam.

The Apple Pay Scam: Have you been notified? Scammers have been sending SMS messages to iPhone users claiming to suspend their mobile expense service. To regain control, they need to verify the account details. The United Kingdom is extremely worried about the situation and looking for ways to remove the phishing message. The Suspended Apple Pay Scamreport will contain all the details.

What’s the latest?

Apple users received text messages advising them that their mobile expense service was suspended. They are asked to follow the link below to activate the account. This message is a scam and people are asked not to follow the link in the text messages.

Apple users have been victims of this scam before.

The Essentials of Apple Pay Suspended Fraud

  • This scam involves a message from an unknown number that claims to be from Apple Pay. It states that the account has been suspended and you can find out how to get it back.
  • We recommend that those who received the message not respond or click on any of its links should not do so.
  • You can also report the scam on the Apple official website. They will delete or block the number.

Information on Suspended Apple Pay Fraud

If users click on the provided link and have provided their details to the scammers, they must immediately report the bank to the police and immediately report the bank to them. Let’s say you want to know how to report these scam messages and how to block them. You can visit Apple’s website to find out more about Your ApplePay Has Been Suspended.

This page contains all the information you need to know about the fraud text messages.


These types of scams continue to occur, so people need to be careful not provide their bank details. One important point to remember is that nobody asks you for your bank information. What do you think about Suspended Apple Pay scam? If you have been a victim of a similar scam, please comment below.

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