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The new Total Wireless by Verizon has a large number of customers and reviews are generally positive. Find out more.

Verizon have recently came out with a unique plan that offers no-contract wireless, which is getting praise from all over the world. The plan is called “Total”. The vast array of devices will be in operation and running on 5G as well as LTE network of Verizon. Both networks enjoy a an excellent standing throughout their home country of the United States. They are also a part of the Total Wireless network. Total Wireless by Verizon will add to this and will make it one of the most solitary mechanisms of wireless no-contract operations. We’ll discuss it in detail.

What is the Total Wireless Plan by Verizon?

Our goal in this post is to provide you the most up-to-date details available on the recently launched Total plan of Verizon. The information we have gathered is taken from the most reliable sources accessible on the internet. The plan includes 5G Ultra Wideband unlimited talk time unlimited data and text as well as special offers on the Total By Verizon Plan are revealed for Disney+ users, thereby streaming Marvels and other movies and TV shows from home.

Verizon has announced it that its Total brand will be offered at over 50,000 locations across the nation. The stores will open in WALMART AND Dollar General as well. When we look at plans, the most affordable one is $30 per month for 5GB of high-speed data per line. After you’ve used the internet, speed will be reduced down to 2G speed. Another plan is $40 per month, where you will get 15GB of data. The most intriguing is the $50, where you can get Unlimited high speed data.

The Total Wireless by Verizon and Reviews

The $50 plan includes unlimited talk and the hotspot has 10GB data. Additionally, in this plan, you can avail a promotional offers for six months for Disney+. The plan can be extended with the $60 plan in which there is 20GB of hotspot internet and unlimited high-speed data as well as text and talk. You can also purchase the option of paying $35 and up to four additional lines.

These plans, as described above, are currently being applauded for the change they may bring to the telecom industry. Plans have been discussed for quite some time and now that Verizon Prepaid Plan are now on the market, stores are promising that the sale will increase up over the next few days. When we read the reviews, the majority of them are very positive. The people who have signed up to the plans with great enthusiasm as reported by American media following discussions with the outlets and stores. This is an excellent plan and is likely to be used by those who are interested, if they can.


The recently announced wireless plans with no contract from Verizon which is known as Total is packed with a wide range of plans that start with $30 and moving toward $50 and beyond too. There are many people taking advantage of these plans. Other information related to Total Wireless by Verizon is shown above in adequate depth. For more information, visit Unlimited Data and Text and Text Prepaid, and family Wireless plans.

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