Travis The Mauling Chimp {July 2022} Why Did He Attack?

This article will discuss Travis, the Mauling Chimp, and his attack against Charla Nash which left her seriously injured.

Travis, the chimpanzee, has been mentioned. He once attacked a woman from Australia .

Travis, the Mauling Chimp, was three years old when he was adopted by a Connecticut family United States. They paid $50k for the animal in 1998. In 2009, police received a panicked 911 call reporting that a monkey had attacked a woman. They needed to respond quickly. The following guide will provide more information about Travis and the incident.

Learn more about Travis

Travis, the chimpanzee, was born at the Missouri Chimpanzee sanctuary near Festus, Missouri, on October 21, 1995. He was three days old when his mother Suzy took him away and he was given to Jerome Herold and Sandra Herold who paid $50,000. Despite Travis, the Chimp Crime Scene being back in the news after the horrific event, exotic animal ownership is becoming more popular.

Travis was born in Stamford, Connecticut to the Herolds. He was a local celebrity who accompanied the couple everywhere. Travis was their child in many ways. Travis was a household worker, took part in family meals, used the computer and knew the hours of local ice cream trucks. He was also a huge baseball fan.

The Attack of Travis, the Mauling Chimp

Charla Nash was there with Travis when he broke into their home with Herold’s keys. To get Travis back in the house, Nash took out his favorite toy, a Tickle me Elmo doll. Travis was familiar with the beauty. However, Nash had recently altered her hair which could have scared Travis. Sandra Herold was called in to stop Travis from attacking her outside of the house.

She strikes Travis with a shovel before attacking him in the back with her knife. Then, she hurriedly called 911 to report Travis. Fear, pain and fury drove Travis around the police car until Travis, the Mauling Chimp found an unlocked door and broke a glass. After opening fire, Officer Frank Chiafari shot Travis several times. Travis was killed after he returned to his cage inside the home, which was likely his safe haven.

Charla Nash, what happened?

Charla Nash was the victim of Travis and received hours of treatment from many doctors. Travis had almost completely dislocated her facial bones, severed all her eyes, nose and lips, and most of her scalp left her blind. He also severed the majority of one her hands.


This article is about Travis, the Mauling Chimp and Charla Nash, the victim.  to read.

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