Want to Tighten Face-Laser with Fillers  Can Do

Everyone likes to look great. It gives you confidence. But over time, it turns loose and saggy. Even, sun spots or pigmentation make it worse. This is the time when your skin needs extra care and treatment.

Australians’ expenditure on cosmetic treatment is $1 billion each year, which also includes the nose, lips, and mid-face lift in Coolangatta, according to the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine.

These cosmetic treatments have cheek fillers and laser treatment in combination.

Cheek fillers are Injectables that help to fill hollow cheeks, which aging causes. To improve the effectiveness of this treatment, doctors prefer following up with laser treatments.

With laser skin tightening, you can reverse it to a great extent. How?

This post will help you discover some exclusive laser treatments that are affordable and extremely effective in face lift.  These treatments boost collagen production which keeps it firm and tight. This essential skin protein makes your skin immune to the effects of gravity.

Let’s get started to explore three non-invasive laser treatments- Thermage, Morpheus8, and Ultherapy in this blog.

  • Thermage or Radiofrequency Treatment

It’s a nonsurgical facelift treatment that uses highly advanced radiofrequency treatment. The visible wrinkles become softer & smoother. The re-contoured skin looks fresh and tightened up.

How does it happen?

This laser treatment involves radiofrequency technology, which heats up the skin to the deeper layer safely. The skin specialists use a flat-tip hand piece for doing it. It progresses the heat to reach out to collagen-rich layers. The sensation of heat pushes the body to naturally renew the collagen process.

However, this procedure involves both, heat energy and cooling sensation, to stimulate the healing and rejuvenation of tissues. Simultaneously, the skin specialist protects your surface. The built-in comfort pulse technology adds a bit more comfort by gently vibrating and interspersed cooling.

The heat acts as an activator. Simply put, it tightens the tissues and triggers collagen production again. This happening decreases sagging over time. Also, the wrinkly surface turns better and looks younger.

In the nutshell, it brings many benefits, treating wrinkles, sags, turkey neck, bingo wings, tired eyes, jowls, dark circles, and, crow’s feet.


Let’s catch up with a few ones.

  • Pronounce jawline
  • Smoothens lines & folds
  • Tightens texture & pores
  • Collagen restarts forming
  • Eyes turn brighter and lifted
  • Skin looks younger & firmer
  • Revive contours due to heating sensation

What about results and longevity?

In some cases, the transformation is visible immediately. And gradually, it gets better because the treated surface restarts boosting collagen production.

Simply put, a single treatment can show you how effective it is in terms of tightening and contouring skin texture. And within two to six months, you would love the youthful texture.

The fact is that this nonsurgical facelift therapy brings results in a single treatment. Opposite it, other procedures require two to four treatments for full results. The sweet spot of this procedure is that its effect lasts for years if you care for your skin well.

  • Morpheus8

This non-invasive cosmetic treatment involves micro-needling and radiofrequency energy. Together, they restore the laxity that aging steals away over time. Your face looks contoured and radiant. 

How does it work?

As aforesaid, it combines micro needling and radiofrequency technology to remodel aging and sunken texture. This procedure requires a device that carries 24-coated micro-needles. As it is moved, the surface is punctured via ultrafine needles. This sensation stimulates the brain to drive cells for healing internally, which triggers elastin and collagen. These essential proteins refill it with freshness and youth.

Simultaneously, laser energy heats up tissues underneath the skin. These all sensations mould the fat to lift and firm the cells on the surface. It gives you a more sculpted and rejuvenated texture. 


  • Fades acne scars
  • Heals stretch marks
  • Tightens up loose skin
  • Reduces dynamic lines
  • Effective on dark skin tone 
  • Restarts collagen building
  • Minimal or temporary inflammation or hyperpigmentation

What about results and longevity?

Within a few days of this procedure, you see how firmer and tighter the treated area is. Over three weeks, this effect becomes more pronounced and noticeable. This improvement continues for three months until you achieve the desired results naturally.

It’s gaining popularity because of its long-lasting results. The difference can last up to 12 or 18 months. A little bit of care and touch-up treatments can help in keeping these effects for a longer duration.  

  • Ultherapy

Like the other two cosmetic treatments, this facelift therapy is also non-invasive. It completely lifts mid-face to the jawline. Ideally, it’s the best fit for the upper and lower face, neck, and décolletage.

How does it work?

The same heating principle applies to show results in this treatment, which helps skin revive collagen & elastin production. As it happens, the natural rejuvenation starts up. 

It involves micro-focused ultrasound energy that reaches out to the in-depth layers without adversely impacting the surrounding surface. The thermal effect sends messages to cells to revive. Hence, self-healing starts inside. This entire process triggers the formulation of fresh collagen, which remodels or refines the face structure. 


  • Cause no scars or cut
  • Improve laxity of the skin
  • Get a firmer and taut texture
  • Improve sags and droopy surface
  • Zero downtime or recovery period
  • Boosted Collagen and elastin rejuvenate texture

What about results and longevity?

Mostly, patients are surprised by the immediate facelift. People actually look for instant results, which this treatment provides. However, that immediate impact is just a trailer. A more enhanced, and better surface turns visible over three to six months after this procedure. Impressively, its results last up to 18 months, which is way more than laser or filler treatments.

All of these variables of laser treatment are able to surprise patients with long-lasting and great results. Although some effects like redness, tingling sensation, and slight pain are noticed, they are addressed in a day or two.

If the pain persists, you may call the doctor. Do share your medical history or sensitivity with him so that he can take precautions for avoiding them.


Getting tighter skin is easy with laser treatments. There are three laser treatments that are non-invasive and effective. These are ultherapy, morpheus8, and thermage. All of these facelift treatments bring long-lasting results that are noticeable for 12 months to 18 months, which is longer than any other facelift treatment.


DR SANJAY MOHINDRA is a certified General Practitioner and aesthetician. He is the main face of Cosmetic Clinic Coolangatta. His expertise in improving and healing diverse facial conditions like acne, scars, wrinkles, etc. through dermal fillers, Injectables, and laser resurfacing ensures mid-face lift in the Coolangatta clinic. Basically, he provides all non-invasive facial and cosmetic treatments here.

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