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Robert Clive Napper, an English serial killer/rapist, was born 25 February 1966. He has been convicted for two murders, one death, two rapes and two attempted rapes. People are curious about where Robert Napper is now. We will be sharing information about Robert Napper’s current location.

Where’s Robert Napper?

The shocking crime stunned the nation. Police launched a primary investigation to try and catch the attacker. Scotland Yard, determined to give Rachel’s family the answers, revisited the matter in 2002, ten-years after Rachel was murdered. The breakthrough came in 2006 with DNA testing that allowed Napper to be identified as Rachel’s attacker. Robert Napper was sentenced to an indefinite imprisonment at Broadmoor Hospital in December 2008. Robert Napper was told by Mr. Justice Griffiths Williams, in his Old Bailey adding up: “You are, on any view, an extremely dangerous person.” It is unlikely that the convicted killer or rapist will ever get fired.

Robert Napper: Who Are You?

Robert Clive Napper was a well-known English serial killer/rapist. He was born 25 Feb 1966. He was sentenced to two murders and one killing. There were also two attempted rapes. Robert was sentenced on 18 December 2008 to unlimited detention at Broadmoor Hospital for the murder of Rachel Nickell. Robert was previously convicted of the 1993 double murders of Samantha Bisset (and her daughter Jazmine Bisset) in 1992. Napper was also diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome.

Robert Napper Bio

Robert Clive Napper, a well-known serial killer and rapist from England, was born 25 February 1966.

FULL NAMERobert Clive Napper
BORNE DAY25 February 1966
AGE56 years
BORN COUNTRYErith, London (United Kingdom)
OTHER NAMESThe Green Chain RapistThe Plumstead Ripper
CRIMINAL PENALITYIndefinite detention in a psychiatric hospital

Why Robert Napper Killed Rachel Nickell

Police suspect that Robert Napper might have made Rachel Nickell his next victim in sexual assault. This is because Rachel Nickell had a toddler and was therefore more vulnerable. The attacker used a vicious knife to attack the mother as she was walking with her son and dog on Wimbledon Common in the year 1992. Robert stabbed her 49 more times before sexually assaulting her in broad daylight. Robert Napper (6ft 2in) escaped from the scene. Rachel’s two year old son Alexander, who can still recall parts of the traumatizing event, was left to plead for help. Rachel’s family could not get justice for the unjust attack that took place 30 years ago. It would take more than a ten year.

Who’s Rachel Nickell,?

Rachel Jane Nickell was born on and died on (23/11/1968 – 15/7/1992). Rachel Jane Nickell is a famous British woman who was killed by a knife on Wimbledon Common in SW London on the 15th of July 1992. In controversial circumstances, a young man was arrested and later released. Robert Napper, her murderer, was identified by police after a second examination. He was sentenced in 2008. Rachel Nickell was out walking on Wimbledon Common with her son, two years old, when Rachel was stabbed 49 time in the neck and back. Rachel died at the scene. After a long police investigation, a suspect was incorrectly arrested but later acquitted. With more sophisticated forensic procedures, this case was reopened in 2002. Robert Napper, who was already in prison for a 1993 double killing, pleaded guilty on 18 December 2008 to Nickell’s murder under diminished duty. Napper, already held at Broadmoor High-Security Hospital Berkshire for a 1993 murder, was given instructions to be kept there indefinitely.

Who is Rachel Nickell?

Andrew and Monica Nickell are Rachel Nickell’s parents. Andrew and Monica Nickell kept their cool as they visited their daughter’s killer. Mrs. Rachel Nickell struggled to hold back tears as her husband’s lawyer explained how their daughter’s death had permanently changed their lives. However, one section of the carefully crafted statement revealed that Andre Hascombe (the man Miss Nickell loved, and the dad to her son Alex) had prevented them from visiting their grandson.

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