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The article below provides the most relevant and useful information on Raine Burdette Video. We also discuss her controversial remarks, along with other details.

Did you catch this video featuring Raine Burdette? Raine has gained the public’s interest due to her latest video. Many people from Thailand, Philippines are curious about her and her videos. If you’re in search of similar and would like to learn all about it. Then you’re in the right spot. In this post, we’ll provide you with information about Raine Burdette’s Video.

What’s the debate about Raine Burdette’s YouTube?

Raine Burdette, a renowned social media personality, became the talk of the town after a video of her making racist comments on the internet. The video showed her using sexist phrases to describe a certain group of people she believed were the culprits in the mugging incident. A large number of online users didn’t like the way she described the incident and her comments provoked a number of.

What were the ramifications of what happened after Raine Burdette Scandal?

Since the topic was sensitive, people were able to get into her and attacked her on various platforms. In no time, the video went viral across the web. At the beginning, Raine was defensive and unwilling to apologize, but as the scandal grew her response was eventually an apology acknowledging her actions were offensive and hurtful. The apology was a statement of regret. Raine stated that she would abstain from social media and examine her actions and the effect she may have had on other people.

Raine Burdette Scandal Social Media Information

Raine who’s Instagram username is @rxiinelee is a young social media influencer, with an increasing following of 37.6k followers. Although her Instagram presence isn’t as regular however, she has become an acknowledged persona across other platforms like Twitter, including TikTok. Raine has amassed a massive following of over 100k on two TikTok accounts in which she displays her talent as a creator of content with hilarious and entertaining videos. Her entertaining and engaging content has earned her a her reputation in the field as one of the rising stars on social media, and many are waiting for what her next chapter will be.

Raine The Twitter Controversy of Burdette

Many of her followers shared her viral tweet on Twitter, along with a URL to the controversial clip. When people saw the video on Twitter they began to share the video on various platforms such as TikTok along with Reddit. Due to these, Raine Burdette received many negative comments and negative feedback from people who saw her post.


Raine Burdette’s YouTube video is going famous due to her racist remarks , but now, she’s apologized for the negative comment she made.

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