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Are you aware of what Jo Soares was and what was the connection between Silvia Bandeira and Jo Soares? For more details read this Silvia Bandeira com article.

Are you familiar with Silvia Bandeira? Do you know anything about her husband? If not, be sure to read the article thoroughly. When you read the article, you’ll be able to learn more about an extremely famous actor along with her story. You are sure to think that you are right. Silvia Bandeira is famous for her acting career. The man she was married to Jo Soares recently passed away in Brazil.

Silvia Bandeira as well as Jo Soares felt for each one another while filming. Continue going through this Silvia Bandeira blog article to know more about them.

How Silvia Bandeira met Jo Soares met?

The year was 1979 and the well-known film director Jo Soares invited Silvia Bandeira to play his character in his film. At the time, she was a rookie when it came to acting and she was uncomfortable performing in the Portuguese accent. So, she decided not to play the part.

Then, a few months after in the 40th birthday celebration of an journalist named Carlos Leonam, Silvia Bandeira and Jo Soares met again in Lagos (the west of Rio de Janeiro). At that point, Silvia Bandeira Hoje disclosed to Jo Soares that she would agree if he invited her to play an act in the present. On the next day after receiving an invitation to do a play, Jo Soares called Silvia. In the year 1980, Silvia Bandeira was first seen in the stage in “Brasil da Censura Apertura’. Jo Soares wrote the play.

In the end, Silvia fell in love with the director and author Jo Soares while working with Jo Soares in the film industry. Then they were married, but it was only 1982. Silvia Bandeira is the wife of engineer Carlos Eduardo Souza Dantas Ferreira. They’ve been together for 38 years. Continue reading through the Silvia Bandeira E Jo Soares article to learn what Silvia has to say about her husband’s death.

What do Silvia have to say about her former husband’s death?

On August 5 on Friday, Silvia commented on her ex-husband’s passing. She stated that the passing of Jo Soares is a national loss. Jo Soares was an intelligent person with a highly charming personality. Jo Soares had a wonderful sense of humor, and without a hint of rudeness and he was able to say things to people that he wasn’t with.

Silvia added that although they didn’t have close friendships after divorce, they had the same admiration for each other. As per Silvia Bandeira on her website she and Jo Soares often met. She claimed the following: Jo Soares was not only an outstanding director and writer but was also an excellent actor and presenter also. While many of us don’t know anything about Jo Soares, we will be praying for the soul of Jo Soares.

The Closing Thoughts:

Although Jo Soares is no more the great work of his will be remembered by his family and friends. Jo Soares will live on in his work. By clicking on the link, you’ll receive all the details about Silvia Bandeira–. It’s all for this day’s Silvia Bandeira Com article.

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