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This article contains information for those who are looking for details about the Therezinha Millet com and also those looking to learn more about the case in greater detail.

Are you in search of information on the cases of a famous actress from Brazilknown for her role as Therezinha Millet Austregesilo? Are you interested in knowing the outcome of her cases and which sides oppose her in different cases? One of the organizations releases four instances in the case of Therezinha Millet.

This article we’ll provide you with all the details about Therezinha and the legal cases that have been brought against her. In addition, we will shed an emphasis on kinds of cases involving the well-known actress.

Who is Therezinha Millet Austregesilo?

Therezinha Millet Austregesilo, a well-known actress from Brazil and also a poster girl from Rio de Janeiro. Her birth date was the 25th of September, 1934 and passed away on the 16th of March 2021. She is the daughter of the former President Antonio Austregesilo Rodrigues de Lima and received her degree in the field of Performing Arts.

She performed in various shows from the 1950s through the 1970s. After her departure, she ceased in her acting career to look after her son.

How do I know Therezinha Millet com about?

Recently, it was observed that the former actress was arrested in four cases. The four cases were filed by various parties on the basis of various TRTs. There are numerous websites from various organizations that are involved in the cases.

Sonia Oliveria Almeida has appeared the most frequently in trials followed by there’s Maria Blandina Maia Rocha. The majority of the trials are in Portuguese therefore it might be difficult for users to comprehend the trials especially if the person is from another country.

There is a translation option on Google concerning Therezinha On many websites, the translations aren’t functioning properly this is the reason we don’t have sufficient information.

What lawyer is who handles the cases that are indexed?

The cases indexed are handled with Sonia Oliveria Almeida, Edson Ferreira de Sousa, and Maria Blandina Maia Rocha. All of these cases are handled by lawyer Marcilene Margarete Cavalcante-Marques.

Four hearings have been held Four Hearings have been held, as well Therezinha Millet Austregesilo has been involved in all cases as defendant. There is a section of documents on the website. However, for access to the files you have to sign up for the online subscription.

How did Therezinha Millet Austregesilo die?

In Therezinha Millet through her website Therezinha Millet we can learn more about the case of the actress however, she passed away in 2021 of COVID-19. It was in Rio De Janeiro. She was the sole parent who was autistic named Rafael who was diagnosed with autism. She quit her job to take care of Rafael’s needs.

Some of the most impressive works by Therezinha Millet are:

  • The Five Doomsday
  • Um Bonde Chamado Desejo
  • Every Angel is Terrible
  • Soraia, Posto 2

There are many other works of Therezinha Millet you can view through the web.

Wrapping it up

At the conclusion, it’s obvious there is no doubt that the case of Therezinha continue to be in progress and there are several updates to be made which will close the ongoing case. If you’re looking for more information be sure to check out our posts for the latest information.

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