Therezinha Millet com {Aug} Why Is It Trending? Click Here About This Article!

We’ve highlighted Therezinha’s trendingis in this write-up. Who are Therezinha’s and Jo Sorares?

Can you name any famous Brazilian celebrities? Jo Soares is a very popular Brazilcomedian and actor. He also serves as a director, writer, and presenter on television.

Keep reading to find out why Therezinha started trending among his followers, even though there isn’t such a website.

Why is it trendy?

According to local media, Jose Eugenio Soares (also known as Jo Soares) died on Friday, 5th August 2022 at the age 84. Lo Soares has been admitted to the Sirio Libanes Hospital, Sao Paulo since 28 July.

We are still not sure what caused his death. Many began to wonder about his private life after his death. Jo Soares’ wife, Therezinha Millet Autregesilo. She wasn’t his only wife, as the renowned actor and interviewer was married three times.

More Therezinha Millet

There is no website that features Therezinha Millet’s name. She was however known by many similar names, including Teresa Austregesilo and Therezinha Milet Austregesilo.

Therezinha Millet

Jo Soares only had one son, Rafael Soares, with his first wife Therezinha Milet. Rafael Soares, 50 years old, died on the 31st of October 2014. At the time of his death, he was battling Brain Cancer and had autism. Therezinha Milet comor Therezinha. Jo Soares and their son, Nicholas, were devastated.

Jo Soares once said that his son was autistic, and had difficulty communicating with other people. He was proud of his son’s exceptional musical skills and impeccable pitch.

Final Verdict

Therezinha Millet was a performer in many theatres, as well as in the cinema. Jo Soares, her husband, directed her in ‘O Pai do Povo (1976). In 1979, she separated from Jo Soares. Read more details

From 1959 to 1979, she was married to Jo Soares. She was previously married to Renato Consorte, an actor from 1954. She was trained in theatre and began her first performance in the theatre in 1952. This gave her nearly 51 years of theatre experience.

Many believed she was leaving the stage to care about her autistic son Rafael Soares. Therezinha Milet, misunderstood as Therezinha Milet com died on 16 March 2021, due to Covid19 complications in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Jo Soares’s children and wives

Jo Soares’ personal life is not much known, except for a few facts. He married Therezinha Millet in 1980, his first wife. Their marriage lasted until 1979. He married Silvia Bandeira in 1980 but they divorced after three years. Flavia Junqueira was his third wife.

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