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Anne Diamond is Now – Anne joined GB News in 2022 as a weekend breakfast host. Now, people are looking for Anne Diamond. Stephen is currently her co-presenter for the weekend breakfast program. You can find Anne Diamond’s current location here.

Anne Diamond, Where Are You Now?

Anne Margaret Diamond is an English journalist, broadcaster and children’s campaigner.

She is currently co-hosting the Weekend Breakfast Show on GB News together with Stephen Dixon. Along with Nick Owen, she hosted “Good Morning Britain” and “Good Morning with Anne And Nick” on TV-am. She was awarded the OBE in 2023 and the Royal College of Paediatrics College Medal.

Is Anne Diamond Ill?

There is no information on Anne Diamond’s illness. Anne Diamond was awarded the OBE in New Year Honours. Anne, a children’s health activist, stated that this was her greatest achievement. Infant death syndrome, also known by the cot death, was what she lost to in 1990.

Anne Diamond Is On Holiday From GB News

We have not found any information regarding Anne Diamond’s Holiday. Stephen Dixon, who is often seen on GB News along with Anne Diamond, recently admitted to his health. Sebastian said that type one diabetes had left him feeling exhausted. He explained that T1D is often diagnosed early in life. It requires continuous glucose monitoring and insulin injections daily.

Anne Diamond is Not on GB News Today!

Anne joined the GB News team to present the weekend breakfast show with Stephen Dixon in 2022. Anne, who was a fixture on daytime TV in 1980s and 1990s, hosted BBC One’s Good Morning With Anne And Nick and TV-am’s Good Morning Britain and TV Weekly.

After losing their son, Anne teamed up with the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths as well as the Department of Health to launch the Back to Sleep campaign.

Anne Diamond Has Left GB News?

Anne Diamond, a journalist and broadcaster, will not be leaving the network. She has not indicated her desire to. Stephen is currently her co-presenter for the weekend breakfast show. Eamonn and Isabel Holmes will present Breakfast with Isabel Webster from Monday to Thursday in 2021. From Friday to Sunday, Anne and Stephen would host this show.

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